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Canadian Content To Add To David Spencer's Education Paragon
The following is a list of tasks that David Spencer plans to complete for "David Spencer's Education Paragon" in the coming months and years.

Who Linked to ?

  3. The Roaring Twenties by J. Neeb, Cameron Heights Collegiate Institute Library,Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
  4. The History of the Vietnam War
  5. Biografías: Biographies in spanish
  6. University of Oregon, Canadian Studies Department
  8. Cameron Heights Collegiate Institute, Kitchener, Ontario
  9. EducationalWikis my user is DavidSpencerdotca
  10. Halton Web Connections
  11. Nelson Education Publishers
  12. Saskatoon Public School Division (Blackboard Module)
  13. Skills and Learning Branch, Province of Nova Scotia
  15. Wikipedia

To Add Canadian Priorities

  1. Internationally Famous Canadians according to the BBC
  2. Install recaptcha
  4. Add content for Canadian Prime Ministers
  5. The fight by women for the vote was called the Woman Suffrage Movement.
  6. Nellie McClung
  8. modify content for James_Raffan
  9. Some good ideas here
  10. Add META tags to Bark Lake HTML
  11. Ideas from
  12. Avro Arrow
  13. Early Canadiana Online (ECO) is a digital library providing access to 2,474,020 pages of Canada's printed heritage. It features works published from the time of the first European settlers up to the early 20th Century.
  14. Invite these camp professionals to list
  15. consider these glossaries
  16. Alberta was shaped by Mavericks – men and women who were adventurous, hard-working, and spirited. Discover our province’s history through their stories.
  17. read this
  19. "Mary Pickford, Glenn Gould, Anne of Green Gables, and Captain Kirk: Canadians in the world's imagination" by Robert Fulford

8. Add

9. Guy Laliberté and Cirque du Soleil

9. Anik Satellite

10. Find info on Nova Scotia heritage

11. Africville

12. Don Messer

13. Halifax Explosion


  1. Top Ten Endangered Places List from the Heritage Canada Foundation
  2. Canadian museums and heritage places
  3. Sells photos of Canadian buildings
  4. BCE Place had a name change in 2007 from BCE Place to Brookfield Place.
  5. Canada's Architectural History
  6. Who is Canada’s greatest architect?
  7. Add more buildings from this list
  8. Sudbury Museums
  9. Canadian Architecture 101
  10. Banff School of Fine Arts
  11. Canadian Museum for Human Rights
  12. Canadian Museum of Civilization
  13. Canadian War Museum
  14. Canadian Parliament Buildings
  15. Casa Loma
  16. Central Experimental Farm
  17. Fairmont Palliser Hotel
  18. Fairmont Banff Springs
  19. Filmport Toronto
  20. Hotel Macdonald
  21. Lester B. Pearson International Airport
  22. Maple Leaf Gardens


  1. The Dawn of Canadian History: A Chronicle of Aboriginal Canada and the coming of the White Man 1914 by Leacock Stephen Butler
  2. A Treatise on the Six-Nation Indians 2004 by James Bovell Mackenzie
  3. Poundmaker and and Poundmaker First Nation
  4. National Aboriginal Document Database
  5. Louis Riel Day [third Monday of February
  6. Beaver Magazine
  7. Bill 101
  8. Bill C-132
  9. Bill 22 (Quebec Official Languages Act) 1974
  10. British Imperial Act
  11. British North America Act
  12. Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
  13. Canadian Citizenship Act
  14. Canadian Constitution
  15. Canadian Musician Magazine
  16. Canadian War Memorials Fund
  17. Cochrane Proclamation
  18. Common Schools Act


  1. Special National Canadian Days
  2. Add these festivals
  3. Canada by Train The Merrilees Transportation Collection contains about 5 000 publications of several types including books, trade literature, technical manuals, timetables, broadsides, periodicals and pamphlets.
  4. Canada in the Making project!
  5. Alaska Boundary Dispute
  6. Battle of the Somme
  7. Battle of Ypres
  8. Barrie Tornado
  9. Berger Commission
  10. bison (mistakenly called buffalo)become extinct on the western plains 1889
  11. Black History Week
  12. Black Trek
  13. Boer War
  14. buggishaman
  15. Canadian Film Development Corporation
  16. Canadian flag
  17. Carabana
  18. Charlottetown Accord
  19. Christmas
  20. Confederation
  21. Music Monday
  22. Toronto Santa Claus Parade
  23. Eaton's Christmas
  24. Ontario History
  25. The Great Toronto Fire April 19-20th 1904, Toronto experienced the worst fire in its history. The exact cause of the fire was never determined but it leveled nearly 20 acres of land and over 5,000 jobs were lost, at least temporarily.
  26. New Year's Day
  27. Valentines Day celebrated on February 14
  28. National Flag of Canada Day on February 15 info and Birth of the Canadian flag]
  29. Good Friday
  30. Easter Monday
  31. Earth Day celebrated on April 22
  32. Victoria Day
  33. Patriots' National Day celebrated on May 24 Québec
  34. National Aboriginal Day celebrated on June 21 info
  35. Québec's National Holiday celebrated on June 24 in Québec Info
  36. Civic Holiday celebrated around August 2
  37. Natal Day celebrates Halifax and and Dartmouth's birthday around August 2 in Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia info and info and quiz
  38. New Brunswick Day celebrated around August 2 in New Brunswick McAdam location and Shediac and past locations
  39. British Columbia Day celebrated on first Monday of August (around August 2) in British Columbia info
  40. Heritage Day celebrated around August 2 in Alberta
  41. Discovery Day celebrated around August 16 in the Yukon
  42. Labour Day celebrated around September 6
  43. Thanksgiving Day celebrated around October 11
  44. Remembrance Day celebrated on November 11 info from Veteran's Affiards and info from CBC
  45. Christmas Day celebrated on December 25
  46. Boxing Day celebrated on December 26


  1. all wet
  2. autonomy
  3. backbencher
  4. baloney
  5. bee's knees
  6. big cheese
  7. bump off
  8. bunk
  9. carry a torch
  10. cat's meow
  11. caucus
  12. cheater's
  13. crush
  14. cultural mosaic
  15. Speakeasy
  16. So long for now.- closing by Stuart McLean of CBC radio


Canadian Links

  1. Acadians
  2. Abolitionists
  3. Alberta Five
  4. Air Canada
  5. Algonquian
  6. Anglophone
  7. Amnesty International
  8. April Wine
  9. Assiniboin
  10. Bachman Turner Overdrive (BTO)
  11. Barenaked Ladies
  12. The Bay
  13. Beothuk
  14. Big Sugar
  15. Blackfoot
  16. Bloc Quebecois (BQ)
  17. Blue Rodeo
  18. Bell'Arte Singers is one of Canada?s finest community choirs. Founded in 1988 by Dr. Lee Willingham, they have established themselves in all genres of repertoire and styles through concerts, recordings, and broadcasts. Three European tours have established the choir?s reputation outside of Canada.
  19. Royal Canadian Air Force and
  20. Building Box
  21. CIDA
  22. CNR
  23. CPR
  24. CRTC
  25. CSIS
  26. Cabinet
  27. Canada Council
  28. Canadian Alliance Party
  29. Canadian Airways
  30. Edmonton Grads

Canadian Authors' Association

Canadian Brass

Canadian Car and Foundry

Canadian Council of Business

Canadian Department of Communications

Canadian Film Development Corporation

Canadian Group of Painters

Canadian International Development Agency

Canadian Labour Congress

Canadian National Railway (CNR)

Canadian Pacific Airlines

Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR)

Canadian Press (CP)

Canadian Radio Television Telecommunications Commission

Canadian Red Cross

Canadian Security Intelligence Service

Canadian Tire

Caughnawaga (Kahnawake)


CBC Radio

Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission

CBC Television

Champlain Society


Christian Heritage Party

Cirque de Soleil

Coloured Corps

Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) info

Council of Canadians

Council on Poverty

Cowboy Junkies

Crash Test Dummies


  1. DART
  2. Dominion (supermarket)
  3. R.C.M.P.
  4. Wayne and Schuster

Women In Film & Television Vancouver (WIFTV) is an internationally affiliated non-profit society committed to advancing & celebrating women in screen based media.

We All Need Music

  1. The Snowbirds
  2. Group of Seven


Add Canadian inventions

  1. Alouette One
  2. Anik Satellite
  3. Avro Arrow
  4. basketball
  5. Bluenose
  6. Canadarm
  7. CANDU nuclear reactor
  8. Canadian Air Force Aircraft
  9. Canoe
  10. Chocolate bar
  11. Cinesphere with IMAX film
  12. Road Lines - there was no such thing as road lines before 1930. Invented by John D. Millar
  13. Robertson Screw and Screwdriver
  14. Silver Dart
  15. Skidoo
  16. more canadian inventions
  17. Toys of the past
  18. The Pop Shoppe returns. Founded in 1969 in London, ON. Wikipedia article and Brand Channel article

Natural Resources

  1. Amethyst


This list is moving here

McQuesten family of Whitehern in Hamilton

  1. Mary Ann Shadd
  2. Dr. Margaret Newton
  3. Violet Clara McNaughton
  4. Major Margaret C. Macdonald
  5. Helen Harrison
  6. Joni Mitchell
  7. Emily Carr
  8. Mary Pickford
  9. Laura Secord
  10. Sally Ainse
  11. Nellie McClung
  12. Joy Kogawa
  13. Ying Chen
  14. Marge Friedel
  15. Susan Aglukark, singer and songwriter
  16. Louise Arbour, judge
  17. Jean Augustine, teacher and politician
  18. Roberta Bondar, astronaut
  19. Jocelyne Bourgon, civil servant
  20. Liona Boyd, classical guitarist
  21. Deanna Brasseur, jet fighter aircraft pilot
  22. Rosemary Brown politician and feminist
  23. Kim Campbell, politician and 19th prime minister of Canada
  24. Maryse Carmichael, Snowbirds pilot
  25. Emily Carr, artist and writer
  26. [[Fran�oise David]], activist and social worker
  27. Amelia Douglas, fur trade pioneer
  28. Ellen Fairclough, politician
  29. Barbara Frum, journalist
  30. Annie Gale, politician
  31. Pauline Julien, actress and singer
  32. Lucy Maud Montgomery, author
  33. Barbara Paterson, artist and sculptor
  34. Julie Payette, astronaut
  35. Chantal Petitclerc, athlete
  36. Buffy Sainte-Marie, musician, artist and activist
  37. Judith Simpson, Loyalist
  38. Cairine Wilson, politician
  39. Sharon Wood, mountaineer
  40. Edith Jessie Archibald
  41. Lydia Gruchy
  42. Molly Lamb Bobak
  43. Monique Emond Mercure


  1. Canada's Historic Places
  2. Facinating Placesin Canada
  3. View of Toronto
  4. web cams north of Superior
  5. Acadia
  6. Africville
  7. Alberta
  8. Alert
  9. Arctic Circle
  10. Arctic Ocean
  11. Arctic Red River (Tsiigehtchic)
  12. Arviat (Eskimo Point)
  13. Atlantic Ocean
  14. Baddeck
  15. Banff
  16. Bark Lake (Ontario Camp Leadership Centre)
  17. Beaufort Sea
  18. Beaver Dam
  19. Berlin
  20. Brantford
  21. British Columbia
  22. Butchart Gardens
  23. Calgary
  24. Charlottetown
  25. Chateauguay
  26. Edmonton
  27. Fredericton
  28. Iqaluit
  29. Nathan Phillips Square
  30. Ottawa
  31. Québec City
  32. Regina
  33. Winnipeg
  34. Yellowknife


  1. Canada A People's History
  2. Country Hoedown
  3. In June of 2002, CFPL generously donated, to the Archives of Ontario, the entire news output for their first 15 years of operation.
  4. Hollywood's View of Canada
  5. Canadian Movies


  1. amethyst
  2. Brock Monument
  3. beaver
  4. Canada Council Medal
  5. Canadian Flag
  6. Canadian Red Ensign Flag (1945-1965)
  7. Coat of Arms for Canada
  8. common loon
  9. Jewish War Veterans Memorial
  10. Juno Awards
  11. Stanley Cup and and

Vegetation and Plants


  1. beaver
  2. Bigfoot
  3. Cadborosaurus
  4. common loon
  5. Igopogo
  6. Kraken
  7. Manipogo
  8. Memphre
  9. Ogopogo
  10. Sasquatch
  11. Sicopogo
  12. Thunderbird
  13. Winnipogo
  14. Books on sea monsters and creatures

Spanish Language