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TV Station Programming Near Erin,Ontario,Canada

TV Channels in Ontario, Canada

  • TV Stations In Ontario this list is updated nightly by Jon C. LeBlanc. This list provides the latitude and longitude of the broadcast antenna and the H.A.A.T.: Height of Antenna Above Terrain in meters

TV Channels Near Erin, Ontario, Canada

With a good quality television antenna, a viewer can receive the following analog and digital terrestrial television stations. Erin, Ontario is located at Latitude = N 43.77007115319042°, Longitude = -80.06359577178955°. Use these map services or or

TV Channel Station info
from Wikipedia
Official Web Site Programming Schedule Latitude and Longitude
CKVR-TV is part of the A Channel group owned by CTVglobemedia and broadcasts from Barrie, Ontario. A Channel Programming schedule Transmitter coordinates: 44°21′0″N 79°41′50″W
5 & 5-1
CBLT-DT is a CBC Television affiliate broadcasting from the CN Tower in Toronto, Ontario. CBC Toronto Programming schedule Transmitter coordinates: 43°38′33″N 79°23′14″W
CFTO-TV is owned by CTVglobemedia and broadcasts from CTV Toronto Programming schedule Transmitter coordinates: 43°38′33″N 79°23′14″W
11 & 11-1
CHCH-TV is owned by Channel Zero Inc. CHCH-TV Programming schedule Transmitter coordinates:
CHEX TV is a television station in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, and an affiliate of the CBC Television network. It began broadcasting on March 26, 1955, CHEX TV Programming schedule Transmitter coordinates: 44°19′42″N 78°17′58″W
CKCO-TV is owned by CTVglobemedia and broadcasts from Kitchener, Ontario row 6 C [Programming schedule] Transmitter coordinates:
WNED-TV is owned by the Western New York Public Broadcasting Association and broadcasts from studios in downtown Buffalo, New York, USA. More than half of its financial support comes from Canada. WNED [Programming schedule] Transmitter coordinates:
CICO TVOntario is TVO Ontario's public educational media organization and a trusted source of interactive educational content that informs, inspires, and stimulates curiosity and thought. Programming schedule Transmitter coordinates:
WNLO-HD is the CW-affiliated television station for Western New York broadcasting from Buffalo, New York, USA. row 9 C [ Programming schedule] Transmitter coordinates:
CBC Radio Canada provides French Canadian programming [Programming schedule] Transmitter coordinates:
CITS-TV broadcasts from Burlington, Ontario and is owned by Crossroads Christian Communications. CTS [Programming schedule] Transmitter coordinates:
CIII-TV Global Toronto is owned by Shaw Communications and broadcasts from Toronto, Ontario. [Official web site] [Programming schedule] Transmitter coordinates:
OMNI 2 Television is owned and operated by Rogers Communications. OMNI 2 Television [Programming schedule] Transmitter coordinates:
CFMT-TV OMNI Television [Programming schedule] Transmitter coordinates:
ION Ion Television Network Programming schedule Transmitter coordinates:
Qubo is a multi-platform children's television endeavor operated as a joint venture between ION Media Networks, NBC Universal, Nelvana, Scholastic Corporation, Classic Media, and its Big Idea Productions unit. row 16 C [Programming schedule] Transmitter coordinates:
IONLife IONLife [Programming schedule] Transmitter coordinates:
57 & 57-1
CITY-TV is now owned by Rogers Media. CITY-TV [Programming schedule] Transmitter coordinates:
OMNI 1 is part of the Omni Television group of stations owned by Rogers Media, it uses the on-air brand OMNI 1. OMNI 1 OMNI 1 Programming Schedule Transmitter coordinates: 43°38′56″N 79°22′54″W / 43.64889°N 79.38167°W / 43.64889; -79.38167
CKXT-DT is SUN TV is an independent broadcast television station based in Toronto, Ontario and serves much of southern and eastern Ontario. The station is currently owned by Quebecor Media through its Groupe TVA unit. web site [Programming schedule] Transmitter coordinates: 43°38′33″N 79°23′14″W
CJMT part of OMNI Television is owned and operated by Rogers Communications. Official web site OMNI 2 Programming Schedule Transmitter coordinates:

Map of Television Stations Broadcasting to Erin,Ontario,Canada

Map #1 from StarRay TV and Map #2 from

Source: Toronto, Ontario & Buffalo, New York HDTV Channel Map.

Data Showing the Azimuth Direction of TV Broadcast Stations

Data showing the azimuth direction of TV Broadcast stations in relation to Erin, Ontario.