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The following article was researched and written by Marnie Sheppard. More contributors.

Significance of Sobeys

Sobeys has a great significance to the retail industry because of a few reasons: its a Canadian runed business, it's had a family oriented team, and simply because this store was still up and going after some major drama happened in the family. Sobeys is truly a Canadian grocery store, it was founded by a Canadian citizen and openend up its first store in Nova Scotia. Expanision didn't happen quickly, it took many years of hard work to get where it stands today. This family run business was so important and powerful mainly due to the fact that the whole family was always helping out, it was the support and efforts from the family that brought Sobeys so much of its success and later leading to their extreme fortune.

Even after the death of Mr. Frank Sobey his three sons didn't give up, they continued to keep motivation towards the prosperity of their family career. Going smoothly was the family's biggest goal in life and they certainly achieved that. They always strived to make the store all it could be, and accomplished building partnerships with many sister companies.

Background of Sobeys

Motto: Ready To Serve

The Sobeys organization family name dates as far back as the mid eighteen hundreds. William Sobey was stationed in Halifax Nova Scotia, while here he met a women named Janet Macintosh and later married her in the town of Pictou County N.S. 1982. Soon after the two left for England. After several years away, in the year 1876 William his wife and seven year old child {J.W] John William. The town Lyons Brook where they started the lives, here J.W helped his father out with the family farming way of life.

Twenty five years later in 1905 after J.W Sobey, his wife Eliza and their son Frank moved to Stellarton NS. John William started up his meat delivery business selling livestock to all the local farmers. Frank was always a huge help in assisting his father. By the time the eight grade came around he was making a lot of money. Having this experience gave Frank the mind of a businessman, Unfortunately his school education stopped around the same time.

When he turned sixteen in 1924, frank signed up for a business college which later he developed a great knowledge of an entrepreneur. He took in skills such as typing, the value of percentages and accounting, all typical business ethics.

One-day Frank thought of a great idea to open up a small grocery store. He was sure that his idea would work and convinced his father after a few months of pursuation in 1925. The cash register was brought into the grocery store the same year and forty-five years later the electronic laser doors. By the time 1939 rolled around Sobeys had expanded to five stores in Picot County and Antigontosh N.S. Over the years all the family members helped out with the grocery stores

During the great depression most retailers faced very hard times, Sobeys was one of the organizations that got through this rough period. They kept their costumers by their lower price guarantee.

In the early forty's Frank and his wife Irene took a trip across North America where he learned about the large food chain; the supermarket. Frank gust had to keep up with the latest in food distribution."The modern Sobeys was born."

Sobeys opened in the fifth month of 1947. In 1949 however Sobey's opened it's first self-serve all cash supermarket in Truro and North Sydney N.S. Frank made many advertisements in local newspapers promoting his low tight pricing policy, catchy phrases like this were printed "our low prices are the working mans friend and shopping here for all your food needs is like getting a raise in pay because our low, low prices increase the buying power of your food dollar." [Sobey Frank1949] Franks three sons became very involved with the expansion of the store during the fifties and sixties. Stores opened in Newfoundland and all through out the Maritime Provinces.

In 1987 Frank Sobey did sadly die but after eighty years in the market the Sobeys store earned over 1 billion in sales for the first time. His death didn't affect the ability for the sons to manage the business and their family career. These men eager to keep the business flowing on top had taken over all of the management of the companies. In the 1990's the first Sobey's opened in Ontario in the town of Guelph , they also opened a chain in Gaspe Region Quebec during the mid 90's.It Was not until recently in the last few years that Sobeys was built on the west side of Canada, in Grant Park Winnipeg. Other stores began to open in further parts of Canada.

Sobey's everywhere are delivering the best customer service, excellent selection and great value, "they offer customers a rewarding shopping experience"[Bill McEwan] After a few more years of success the Club Sobeys was introduced and customers were offered electronic cupons and on going specials.

Sobeys private labels formed in 1995 giving customers the opportunity to get a good selection of products with a lower value price, name our complements. Such products include almost everything in the store, like Cookies, pasta, and drinks.

By 1994 Sobeys had developed sister companies. These stores are Foodland, Needs, Green Gables, Kwik-way, Riteway, and Clover Farm. By the late ninety's in partnership with the Oshawa Group Limited and in 1998 Serca the foodservice division of Sobeys added new franchises known as IGA, Price Chopper and Knechitels to the Sobeys ladder. The Sobeys family became the largest foodservices in Canada. All trough out the Sobeys Alantic region there are 82 corporate operations, 49 Foodland, 30 cprice Choppers, 128 Needs, and 65 Lawtons. In the Quebec area there are 208 operations they include, 42 IGA's, 97 Marche Bonichox stores, and 24 Les Marches Tradition stores. On Ontario land there are 123 IGA's, 58 Sobeys, 43 Knechtels, 55 Foodland, 71 Price Choppers, and 39 Foodtown stores. The last Region is the western, they have 84 IGA's, 82 Garden Markets, 2 Thrifty Food stores, 43 Food Towns, and 1 PrichChopper in all of the provinces [MB,SK,AB,BC, and NWT.] Many of these stores are being changed into the new Sobeys, hints thats why people don't see them very much often. The Ontario Produce Co. and the Oshawa Group where incorporated into the company as well.

Here at Sobeys they have a tradition for giving, they support many charities and organizations. The YMCA, Kids Help Phone, and the Children's Wish Foundation are some just to name a few. They also support a good portion of all the local schools, they have a program called "school is cool" which is a fundraiser to gather money to purchase books, computers and other educational supplies for schools.

A long journey of courage and devotion left the Sobeys company is a massive production in Canada. It was Frank Sobey's Brilliant ideas and dedication that brought this grocery store so much success and made it that 10 billion dollar company it is today. As well, one of the two national retail grocery and food distributors in Canada. There vision here at Sobeys is to make this store the most worthwild shopping experience in the marketplace.

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