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Slang Words Through the Years

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Slang from the 1920's

Instructions: Read the pages in your textbook "Canadian History A Sense of Time" and use 12 of the following 1920's slang words to tell a story about the hardships faced in the early 1920's by soldiers (pages 62,63), job hunters (pages 66,67), farmers, immigrants children (pages 68,69) women (pages 74,75), and aboriginals (pages 76,77), the temperance movement and police (pages 88,89).

  1. all wet - wrong, mistaken
  2. apple sauce - nonsense, meaningless flattery, or baloney
  3. baloney- nonsense
  4. bees knees - wonderful person
  5. berries - the best
  6. big cheese - very important person
  7. blind pig - illegal drinking spot
  8. bump off - to murder
  9. bunk - nonsense
  10. cat's meow - very sharp
  11. cheaters - eyeglasses
  12. coffin varnish - cheap, inferior wisky
  13. dead soldier - An empty beer or whiskey bottle.
  14. dogs - human shoes
  15. drugstore cowboy - A young man who hangs around public places and shows off in an attempt to impress women.
  16. flat tire - A dull or boring person.
  17. gangster - A criminal who belongs to a gang.
  18. gatecrashers - Police raid on speakeasy.
  19. giggle water - alcohol,booze
  20. gin mill - an illegal still for making alcohol.
  21. heebie-jeebies - The jitters.
  22. high hat - snobbish.
  23. hooch - whiskey or liquor.
  24. hoofer - chorus girl.
  25. jack - money.
  26. keen - attractive
  27. kisser - lips
  28. moonshine - whisky or liquor, usually cheap and low-quality because it is made in illegal stills. may also mean nonsense or baloney.
  29. upchuck - to throw up
  30. real McCoy - whisky or liquor that is not watered down--also people who are genuine and can be counted on.
  31. ritzy - elegant
  32. scram - leave in a hurry
  33. speakeasy - illegal drinking spot
  34. spiffy - fashionable
  35. splifficated - drunk
  36. swell - marvellous
  37. whoopee - a wild time