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The following resources are helpful to parents and teachers:

  1. Book: Supporting Successful Transition from Primary to Secondary School by Tina Rae (2014)
  2. Book: Book: Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv (2008)
  3. Book: Digital Tools for Teaching: 30 E-tools for Collaborating, Creating, and Publishing across the Curriculum by Steve Johnson (2013)
  4. DVD video: Canadian Popular Music in the '60's, '70's & '80's by EMI Music Canada (2012)
  5. DVD video: Canada: A People's History produced by Mark Starowicz (2001).
  6. Book: Fire in the Bones: Bill Mason and the Canadian Canoeing Tradition by James Raffan (1999)

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Remembrance day veteran.jpg
Photo source @HistoricalPics. Original artist unknown.

Canadians wear poppies. Photo source

Remembrance Day

  • Remembrance Day commemorates Canadians who died in the First and Second World Wars, and the Korean War. It is held every November 11.
  • The first Remembrance Day was conducted in 1919 throughout the Commonwealth. Originally called Armistice Day, it commemorated the end of the First World War on Monday, November 11, 1918, at 11 a.m.: the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month.
  • From 1923 to 1931, Armistice Day was held on the Monday of the week in which November 11 fell. Thanksgiving was also celebrated on this day.
  • In 1931, MP Allan Neill introduced a bill to hold Armistice Day on a fixed day - November 11. During the bill's introduction, it was decided the word "Remembrance" would be used instead of "Armistice." The bill passed and Remembrance Day was first conducted on November 11, 1931. Thanksgiving Day was moved to October 12 that year.
  • The poppy is the symbol of Remembrance Day. Replica poppies are sold by the Royal Canadian Legion to raise money for Veterans.

In Canada November 11 is Remembrance Day.

50 Ways To Remember

  • Attending Remembrance Day ceremonies on November 11 is the best-known way that we can publicly honour the men and women who served Canada in times of war, military conflict and peace. In addition, there are many other ways that we can show throughout the year that we care about the sacrifices and achievements of these one and a half million brave Canadians who served, and continue to serve, our country at home and abroad. A number of suggestions are offered from Veterans Affairs Canada.

Educational Resource Kits

  • Veterans Affairs Canada's Public Education Program has a mandate to help Canadian youth understand Canada's participation in the World Wars and conflicts of the 20th century. The Program brings a uniquely Canadian perspective to history and portrays what life was like for those on the frontline and on the homefront, while also recognizing and honouring the sacrifices and achievements that were made for the benefit of our country today.
    Created in Canada, with the advice and assistance of Canadian educators, the products strive to encourage students to cultivate a sense of pride in their country through an understanding of this turbulent and challenging period in Canada's history. View the kist here

History of Remembrance Day

  1. Lest We Forget: Remembrance Day (CBC Digital Archives) We wear poppies on our coats every November. We observe a moment of silence at 11 a.m. each November 11. But why do we do it? What is Remembrance Day all about? CBC Digital Archives looks at the significance and the symbols of Remembrance Day.

The Home Front

  1. Rosies of the North A National Film Board of Canada (NFB) production. They raised children, baked cakes... and built world-class fighter planes. Sixty years ago, thousands of women from Thunder Bay and the Prairies donned trousers, packed lunch pails and took up rivet guns to participate in the greatest industrial war effort in Canadian history. Like many other factories across the country from 1939 to 1945, the shop floor at Fort William's Canadian Car and Foundry was transformed from an all-male workforce to one with forty percent female workers.

Military Fellowships and Organizations

  1. The Military Christian Fellowship (MCF) of Canada is an inter-denominational body of military men and women committed to Jesus Christ. Their mission is to take the Good News of Jesus Christ to the military community in Canada and abroad. All serving and retired members of the Canadian Forces and their families who subscribe to MCF basis of belief are eligible for membership in the Military Christian Fellowship. Associate memberships may be granted to civilians who work for the Department of National Defence or those who have another connection or interest in the military ministry.

Contributions of Cultural and Ethnic Groups to Protecting Peace

  1. "Black Canadians in Uniform" from Veterans Affairs Canada. Suggested by Rainford Cornish.
  2. "Aboriginal Veterans" from Veterans Affairs Canada. Suggested by Rainford Cornish.

Video Tributes and Peace Songs

  1. One day when we all remember from the Ontario Government
  2. Remembrance Day Video 2014 - Exclusive Ww2 Footage In HD
  3. "Soldiers Cry" song written and performed by Roland Majeau. Visuals were gathered from a Google Search. Created for a church youth group "Service of Remembrance" on November 7, 2010. The guest speaker was Robert Roswell "Ross" Wilson who proudly served with the 434 Squadron in the Royal Canadian Air Force stationed in Darlington-Croft, England during WWII. He was a navigator on the Halifax and Lancaster bombers. Ross was a recipient of the Queen's Jubilee Medal.
  4. "A Pittance of Time" Will you give 2 minutes? Its a pitence of timeposted on by djlottawa. "On November 11, 1999 Terry Kelly was in a Shoppers Drug Mart store in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. At 10:55 AM an announcement came over the store's PA asking customers who would still be on the premises at 11:00 AM to give two minutes of silence in respect to the veterans who have sacrificed so much for us."
  5. Canadian Forces Tribute 2008 (I will remember you) a video slideshow posted on by koreanincanada. Music is "I Will Remember You" by Sarah McLachlan. A "Canadian forces tribute 2008".
  6. "Give Peace a Chance" video on It was a 1969 single by (John Lennon's) Plastic Ono Band that became an anthem of the American anti-war movement at that time.
  7. "If I Die Before You Wake" Tribute to Armed Forces posted on by RFilmz2. Shows an American perspective on Remembrance Day. "This video is a tribute and a thank-you to all those who have served our country. The song is "If I Die Before You Wake" by Dustin Evans.
  8. Lyrics for "Kumbaya"
  9. "One Tin Soldier" Lyrics and Video
  10. "Peace Train" a live performance on by the composer and writer Cat Stevens in 1976
  11. Lyrics for "Peace Train" by the composer and writer Cat Stevens. Sing along lyrics video.
  12. "Remembrance Day" written by Jim Vallance and Bryan Adams in 1986.
  13. Remembrance Day-Canada Remembers on Nov.11 a video slideshow posted on by OleTrout. He says it is "A tribute to our veterans".
  14. "Remembrance Day Assembly in Canada" a video slideshow posted on by ottawaboy1. Music is "Rhythm of Love" by the Scorpions. ottawaboy says "I made this Remembrance Day slideshow to play at our elementary school to honour those who selflessly have served our country. - For those that have fallen and for the brave members of the Armed Forces and that are currently deployed overseas. I also want to show our appreciation to the families who have loved ones away and we wish for their safe and speedy return."
  15. Remembrance Day Soldier Cries (Soldier_Song) a video first broadcast by Global Television in Edmonton and posted on by Purluc. Music by ? Includes video interviews of surviving veterans.
  16. Remembrance Day: Dedicated to Canada's Soldiers in Afghanistan a video slideshow posted on by Music is "Peace on Earth" by U2.
  17. Roy brings together a collection of remembrance & veterans day music, songs and videos
  18. "Universal Soldier" by Buffy Sainte-Marie. History of the song.
  19. "Where Do The Children Play?" a video written and performed by Cat Stevens and Band circa 1971.
  20. "Where Do The Children Play?" a video written and performed by Cat Stevens live in 1976
  21. "Where Have All The Flowers Gone" by Chris DeBurgh With Lyrics* - Footsteps
  22. "Where have all the flowers gone?" Peter, Paul and Mary in concert circa 1993
  23. "Where Have All The Flowers Gone?" slideshow with Peter, Paul and Mary singing in the studio.
  24. "Where have all the flowers gone?" performed by Pete Seger the composer and lyric writer of "Where have all the flowers gone?".
  25. "The Pacifist Who Went to War" In this National Film Board of Canada (NFB) documentary is the story of two Mennonite brothers from Manitoba who were forced to make a decision in 1939, as Canada joined World War II. In the face of 400 years of pacifist tradition, should they now go to war? Ted became a conscientious objector while his brother went into military service. Fifty years later, the town of Winkler dedicates its first war memorial and John begins to share his war experiences with Ted.

Remembrance Day Ceremony Videos

  1. Terry Kelly's "A Pittance of Time" (Official Version) On November 11, 1999 Terry Kelly was in a drug store in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. At 10:55 AM an announcement came over the stores PA asking customers who would still be on the premises at 11:00 AM to give two minutes of silence in respect to the veterans who have sacrificed so much for us.
  2. Remembrance Day - Lest We Forget
  3. Remembrance Day - The Last Post
  4. Remembrance Day - music and lyrics by Brian Adams
  5. Friends of Veterans Canada Randy Young 1 0n 1 with Peter Mansbridge
  6. John McCrae's War: In Flanders Fields by Robert Duncan for the NFB

Videos and Documentaries About Veterans and War

  1. Remembrance Actor Paul Gross talks about his film Passchendaele. Interview filmed for the NFB.
  2. Bravery in the Field NFB film. This dramatic film introduces us to Tommy, a World War II veteran who rooms alone, waiting for his pension cheque to arrive, passing the time in the evenings with his cronies in the Legion Hall. Lennie can claim only a third of Tommy's years, but he prowls the same area of town, and the two have more in common than either of them realizes. Both their lives lack a sense of place and purpose. The story occurs early in November and leads up to an event that provides one of Tommy's few remaining moments of glory, the annual veterans' Remembrance Day parade.
  3. Fields of Sacrifice NFB film. This 1964 documentary returns to the battlefields where over 100,000 Canadian soldiers lost their lives in the First and Second World Wars. The film also visits cemeteries where servicemen are buried. Filmed from Hong Kong to Sicily, this documentary is designed to show Canadians places they have reason to know but may not be able to visit. Produced for the Canadian Department of Veteran Affairs by the renowned documentary filmmaker Donald Brittain.

Audio Recordings

  1. "In Flanders Fields" and "Last Post" narrated by David Spencer's students. Audio MP3 recording.

Remembrance Day Power Point Presentations

The following Remembrance Day Power Point Presentations were created by educators.

  1. Remembrance Day Power Point Presentation produced by Stuart Shaw for OHASSTA (Ontario History and Social Science Teachers' Association)

Remembrance Day Web Resources

  1. Fallen Canadians Here we honour those who have given their lives serving Canada and helping the people of Afghanistan. (from the Canadian the Department of National Defence )
  2. Women In The Canadian Forces (CF)
  3. Aboriginal Peoples In The Canadian Military Author: Moses, John; Graves, Donald; Sinclair, Warren Publisher: National Defence. Directorate of History and Heritage, Ottawa
  4. Books and Resources on the History of Canadian the Department of National Defence Historical books published within the last few years can be bought from or ordered through most book stores. These books and older publications may be held by your local public or university library.
  5. Write to the Troops The men and women of the Canadian Forces have demonstrated time and again that they will rise to any challenge. Let your Canadian Forces members know you appreciate their service by sending a message using this monitored message board. (from the Canadian the Department of National Defence )
  6. Canadian Forces Image Gallery Combat Camera provides still imagery and broadcast quality video of deployed Canadian Forces members on domestic and international operations to the Canadian media and public on behalf of the Canadian Forces. This is the central website for accessing and downloading public affairs imagery of Canadian Forces operations and personnel.
  7. [Veterans' Week (VW), from November 5 to 11] Hundreds of commemorative ceremonies and events take place across the country to remember the achievements of our Veterans and to honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. In support of VW, current members of the Canadian Forces (CF) are available to give presentations at schools and other community organizations across Canada as part of the Department of National Defence's Veterans' Week Speakers Program.
    The primary objective of this speaker program is to foster public engagement and learning about those who served our country, as well as those who serve in uniform today. Each presentation can be tailored to your audience, no matter their age. Typical presentations include a speech, a slide-show, and a question period.
    TTo invite a CF member to your event or ceremony, visit:<>. If you do not have access to the Internet, please contact our Public Inquiries Office at 1-613-995-2534.
  8. Remembering Veterans from Canada Command from the Canadian the Department of National Defence

Soldiers and Their Families

  1. video: "Children of Soldiers" In this National Film Board of Canada (NFB)documentary shot at Canadian Forces Base Petawawa during a troop deployment to Afghanistan, children and teens talk about the particular circumstances of having soldiers as parents. Directed by Claire Corriveau, Children of Soldiers lifts the veil on a reality shared by thousands of young Canadians, and on the difficulty of finding a balance between loyalty to the troops and staying true to themselves.