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The following resources are helpful to parents and teachers:

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Michael Cywink

My name is Michael Anthony Cywink, I am originally out of a small village, one of the main stopping places for the Anishinabe while on their migrations long before contact, this place is called Whitefish Falls and my father Nick Cywink Sr. was of the Cywink/Bidassige Bear Clan. He was a veteran of World War 2. A real warrior on two wheels, "One of the best snipers doing 40 mph", he'd say. He was sixteen when he enlisted into the Canadian Army. He began his journey into the spirit world in 1990. I had taken my earlier education in Creighton Mines, which is now a ghost town. I graduated high school out of Lively High in 1973. By then I was already versed and well professed for the highway - hitchhiking that is - from Creighton Mines to the Gulf of Mexico. I did some commercial and graphic design study at George Brown College and Sault College.I am an alumnus to the Institute of American Indian Arts, Santa Fe. New Mexico, Museum Studies Program. I worked with Disney's America (Walt Disney Imagineering) as a First Nations Consultant on Native Imagery in theme parks and as contract Curator with the Ojibwe Cultural Foundation (OCF), Manitoulin Island. I am of the Shigwadja/Neganigwane through my mother Eva Pheasant. She came from the nation's capital of South Bay.Her father, my Mishomis introduced me to the world as Mii Zhen. He held me in his hand and looked at my mother and said, " This is Mii Zhen, He Is Good For You.". My mother began her journey November 4, 2008. I am a registered band member to the Wikwemikong UnCeded Indian Reserve which is designated a Cultural Capital in Canada, 1 of 5. I have always been actively involved in the community development of First Nation's cultural arts, archival material and the repatriation of human remains. My learnings of the "Indigenous Creative Process" began in my early teens. This interest drew me to various locations around North America (which is part of Turtle Island) to study symbolic interpretation as well as other cultural issues. As it stands today I carry my interests in curatorial matters seriously, and a versatility of art techniques and design development. These learning's have also allowed me to utilize art in an Anishinaabek therapeutic manner with children, youth and adults in this mosaic society. Art whether this is in writing, painting or carving for me is therapy for my living spirit. Throughout the many tangents of artistic development, I feel that I am registering images, thoughts and visions for the future generations of the First Nations People. What matters to me is the comfort level these projections give to the receiver. Art is a gift of historical recovery.Writing to me doesn't come as smoothly as color to canvas. There generates within me a different kind of energy, which comes out in word art. The Adventures of Crazy Turtle came out over a period of 20 or so years. And what an adventure it is. Crazy Turtle is the basis of my Creation Story. There is no end to a Creation Story, so there is no end to the Adventures of Crazy Turtle. The concept of having a Turtle as the main character goes back to the times when everything around you is coming down. So just as a Turtle protects themself, we hide inside our shells, in this case, we hide inside our thoughts and feelings, and we build invisible walls around us to hide and protect our being, our true feelings. But Crazy Turtle goes beyond that, Crazy Turtle brings out a truth in us that we need no longer hide, we need no longer go away and try to run from our inner being. That in-turn everything remains the same and it is our inner awareness and perception on life that evolves around our time. Each of us as hue-man beings, have our own time here on this Earth Walk, and within our growing as an individual we must adhere to the responsibilities of tradition and value, just as our Elders are the caretakers of cultural knowledge. It is truth when said that we are spirit beings living in the psychical gift of Creation, we are not human beings looking for a Spirit. This is a story for Children of All Ages, It is meant to help one understand the spirit being inside their shell." As of early 2008, the presses for Rain Publishing stopped Thus anyone who ordered a book, signed by the artist or not will find that The Adventures of Crazy Turtle is now a collectors item. "I am presently seeking out for a publisher to pick up and move on with more adventures with Crazy Turtle. Respectfully, Michael. Please see more information at www.slideshare.net/michaelcywink .

2006 First published piece. The Adventures of Crazy Turtle. 1992, I recieved the Institute of American Indian Arts Museum Award; which led to a 2 year internship with Walt Disney Imagineering. I created my own position as a First Nation Consultant in Theme Parks on a project titled Disney's America. I was recruited to the Ojibwe Cultural Foundation, M'Chigeeng First Nation on Manitoulin Island as their curator. Last achievment was establishing a virtual tour of the museum with IBM, in 2005.

I am a member to the Aboriginal Curatorial Collective (ACC) Canada; to the Aboriginal Arts Administrators,(AAA)Canada; a member to the Metis Artist Collective, (MAC)Canada and a member to the Association for Native Development in the Performing and Visual Arts (ANDPVA)