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Aboriginal Education and Native Studies Resources from David Spencer's Education Paragon

  • Connect with Aboriginal elders and educators and join the First Nations, Métis & Inuit Education Association of Ontario formerly the Native Education Association of Ontario Circle (NEAO Circle) and previously The Aboriginal and Environmental Education Circle (AEE Circle). The NEAO Circle was a professional learning and sharing network of educators, teachers, college instructors, university professors, Aboriginal elders and leaders. Through e-mail, they shared First Nation, Metis and Inuit and native studies resources, curriculum and teaching strategies that will help Canadian teachers integrate school curriculum with current cultural, environmental and historical contributions of our Canadian First Nations, Inuit and Metis brothers and sisters.
  • Join the First Nations, Métis & Inuit Education Association of Ontario on Facebook.
  • See photos and read about past gatherings of The Aboriginal and Environmental Education Circle (AEE Circle).
  • Join the First Nation, Metis & Inuit Education Association of Ontario (FNMIEAO) the Ontario Ministry of Education recognized provincial subject association for teachers and educators of First Nation, Metis & Inuit Studies and Native Languages. From 2011 to May 2014, this subject association was previously called the Native Education Association of Ontario (NEAO). Special thanks to Marg Boyle for her three years of leadership, encouragement and support.
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First Nations Visual Art

  1. Aboriginal Artists in Saskatchewan
  2. AGO symposium: "Are we past the age of an aboriginal art show?" opinion piece by Murray Whyte at the Toronto Star commenting on the AGO's panel discussion
  3. Canoe Builders of Pikwàkanagàn from the Virtual Museum of Canada
  4. Encounter with the First Nations from the Virtual Museum of Canada
  5. Residential Schools: The Red Lake Story from the Virtual Museum of Canada
  6. Delgamuukw - a community struggle for aboriginal title from the Virtual Museum of Canada
  7. Redworks the art and photography of Nadya Kwandibens of Ojibwe (Anishinaabe) / French heritage from the Northwest Angle #37 First Nation in Ontario, Canada. She is a self-taught, dynamic photographer specializing in artistic natural light portraiture, fashion, promotional sessions, and event photography.
  8. Pictographs There are several pictographs that can be located here in the Ottawa Valley. Lake Mazinaw is situated a few hours south of Pikwàkanagàn. The lake is surrounded by cliffs rising straight out of the water.
  9. Native American Authors
  10. Aboriginal Artists in Canada
  11. Aboriginal Arts Education Projects Grants from the Ontario Arts Council
  12. Neto Hatinakwe Onkwehowe Native Arts is a Charitable Not-for-Profit Arts Service Organization. Our mandate is to provide arts services in the Niagara Region to all Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal community members. based in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.

First Nations Dance and Dance Instruction

  1. Kaha:wi Dance Theatre
  2. Tribal Vision
  3. Native Dance
  4. Red Sky
  5. Aboriginal Dance Resources for the Classroom
  6. Ontario Arts Council Video Provides Guidance on Indigenous Arts Protocols

First Nations Film

  1. Weeneebeg Aboriginal Film & Video Festival Over 40 films, both shorts and feature length, were screened during the five-day event held in Moose factory, Ontario.
  2. Mishkeegogamang community video festival A group of researchers from the National Research Council of Canada hosted a community video festival in Mishkeegogamang First Nation Feb. 27. The video festival was part of a new research initiative by the National Research Council of Canada. The videos were all gathered from YouTube, an online video-sharing site, to show what First Nations people are doing with video technology in the Sioux Lookout area. The festival featured about 25 short videos. View video.
  3. Weengushk Film Institute (WFI) was created in 2002 from the experience of Cree filmmaker Shirley Cheechoo following her formal training at the Canadian Film Centre (CFC) in Toronto, Ontario. Located on Manitoulin Island in Northern Ontario, the Institute's creative and physical environment resists the pressures of urban life, providing support and smaller scale atmosphere where low student-teacher ratios are best suited to overcoming learning obstacles.

First Nations Music

  1. Aboriginal Drums and Music resource site. The Native Drums web project is a diverse dialogue on culture, history and traditional knowledge with Aboriginal cultural partners, educational institutions, government and private industry. Centred around the central themes of drums and music in Aboriginal society, Native Drums traces the history, mythology, and significance of the drum in traditional Aboriginal societies of Canada's Eastern Woodlands, compared with Western Coastal regions in terms of history, arts and culture.
  2. First Peoples' Music from the Canadian Encyclopedia.