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According to the web page "History of Erin" managed by the Corporation of the Town of Erin, "The Town of Erin:

  • was named by the surveyors from Ireland because it was surveyed immediately after the village of Albion named for England. The village of Caledon was named for Scotland.
  • covers 360 square kilometres or 140 square miles.
  • population 11,830 residents within the Town - 3900 households.
  • The Town of Erin Roads Department maintains 288.55 km of roads and 50 bridges.
  • Read more fast facts from the Town of Erin,Ontario,Canada official web site is

According to the Erin Village BIA (Business Improvement Area) Erin was "Voted “Best Destination” in the Headwaters Region, the hamlet’s unique qualities— its elegant authentic 19th century streetscape; its local, family-run shops; and its collection of distinguished amenities— offers an exceptional and extraordinary setting for all to explore."

History of Erin,Ontario,Canada

"There is controversy over the first settler and founder of Erin Village and the founding date. C. J. MacMillan felt that one of his relatives, Daniel MacMillan, was the first settler. However, accounts in both the historical atlas of Wellington County and the Credit Valley report tend to corroborate the fact that the first sawmill was built by the Trout family in 1826 at the lower dam. This sawmill eventually fell to a Mr. William Chisholm. Daniel MacMillan bought the Trout sawmill after having previously rented it. Nevertheless, the man responsible for the growth of the village was indeed Daniel MacMillan, aided by his brothers Hugh and Charles. The village's original name was Macmillan's Mill then changed to Erinsville in 1851, which was later shortened to Erin." Source: "History of Erin".Corporation of the Town of Erin. 2010 <>

"Wellington County Atlas of 1906, and a Credit Valley Report, indicate that the first sawmill was built by the Trout family in 1826, at the lower dam at Erin. They opened a small store, and made potash, used in soap-making. The sawmill was later taken over by Wm. Chisholm, from whom Daniel MacMillan rented the mill, and then purchased it." Source: "History of Erin Village".Corporation of the Town of Erin. 2010 <>

BY-LAW No. 288 was passed December 6, 1879 to erect the unincorporated Village of Erin and neighborhood into an incorporated Village, by the name of Erin Village, apart from the Township of Erin, in the County of Wellington, in which the same are situated, and for other purposes.

Contact the Town of Erin,Ontario,Canada

Town of Erin Municipal Office
Corporation of the Town of Erin
5684 Trafalgar Road
R.R. #2 Hillsburgh, ON N0B 1Z0

phone: 519-855-4407

toll free: 1-877-818-2888

Map to the Town of Erin Municipal Office

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  • Erin Village BIA The Erin Village Business Improvement Association serves over one dozen local businesses in Erin, Ontario.
  • Wikipedia entry about Erin, Ontario, Canada Wikipedia contributors. "Erin, Ontario." Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, 26 Oct. 2013. Web. 27 Dec. 2013.