CU Topics for Canadian and World Issues

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The following resources are helpful to parents and teachers:

  1. Book: Supporting Successful Transition from Primary to Secondary School by Tina Rae (2014)
  2. Book: Book: Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv (2008)
  3. Book: Digital Tools for Teaching: 30 E-tools for Collaborating, Creating, and Publishing across the Curriculum by Steve Johnson (2013)
  4. DVD video: Canadian Popular Music in the '60's, '70's & '80's by EMI Music Canada (2012)
  5. DVD video: Canada: A People's History produced by Mark Starowicz (2001).
  6. Book: Fire in the Bones: Bill Mason and the Canadian Canoeing Tradition by James Raffan (1999)

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CU Topics for Canadian and World Issues

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Examine the list below. Check with your teacher to confirm the topic you would like to choose.

Economic Issues

  • economic disparity
  • Euro currency
  • Embargoes and sanctions: how effective
  • impact of free trade (NAFTA)
  • Pacific Rim Influence on the North American economy
  • role of oil in the American economy and foreign policy
  • trade flows

Environmental Aspects of Development

  • The Sahel: the human role of desertification
  • Transportation of resources
  • The Green Revolution in India
  • Agricultural Pollution in developed or developing countries
  • Environmental Groups: Are They a Threat to Our Economic Future?
  • Wildlife Management
  • Role of United Nations in environmental aspects of development
  • Economic development and environmental preservation
  • endangered species
  • Kyoto Protocol
  • global warming
  • deforestation
  • Interdependence of ecology and economics
  • Chipko women's movement in India
  • GAIA hypothesis
  • Forest issues- clear cutting in Canada or Brazil
  • Oil extraction and Logging on Lubicon Cree Lands in Alberta
  • hydroelectric dams- their influence and disruption of ecosystems
  • alternative energy sources (wind,thermal,solar)
  • Convention on Biodiversity
  • Montreal Protocol
  • Law of the Sea
  • oversfishing
  • impact of tourism
  • fair trade co-operatives
  • organizations (Greenpeace, World Wildlife Fund, David Suzuki Organization)
  • desertification in Sahel region of Africa
  • water issues (exploiting, bottled water, golf courses, pollution, hydroelectric dams (ie. Three Gorges Dam)
  • environmental activism
  • non-renewable resources
  • recycling issues
  • Industrialization, Economics and Energy
  • Green Power (alternatives)
  • Sweden as a model in industrialization
  • Nuclear energy: A safe alternative
  • Nuclear waste: The former Soviet Union Dilemma
  • The role of multinational corporations in developing nations
  • Industrial pollution: developing countries
  • Alternative Energy sources for developing countries
  • Initiatives towards sustainable development in post-industrialized nations (or developing nations)
  • Impact of Colonialism on today's economy
  • role of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in analyzing patterns and systems

Quality of Life

  • A clean water supply for developing nations
  • Why we need a literate world
  • Child Soldiers
  • Children without a childhood: the issues facing children in developing countries
  • The world refugee crisis
  • Refugee patterns (acceptance)
  • Repopulating war torn countries - the migration home
  • Rural to urban migration
  • medical care and issues
  • literacy issues
  • Organizations (Free the Children, World Vision, World Health Organization, Doctors without Borders)
  • poverty issues
  • human smuggling


  • globalization
  • policies dealing with refugees
  • The changing role of the UN
  • Democracy: At what cost?
  • Asia: the fall of the monarchy
  • The USA: a nation in decline?
  • Foreign Aid
  • Human rights in Afghanistan
  • Human rights in China
  • Ultra-nationalism in Russia
  • Cold War
  • impact of political cartoons on society
  • population issues
  • impact of individuals on global issues
  • impact of colonialism
  • Canada's global connections
  • dictatorships today and yesterday
  • inequities in the distribution of resources
  • Debt in developing countries
  • Terrorism
  • Impact of terrorist acts
  • Bioterrorism (chemical terrorism)
  • The impact of the illegal drug trade on the economy of developing nations
  • Tibet: A country or a region of China
  • Ethnic Recognition and Independence of:
  • First Nations people in North America
  • Irish Catholics in Great Britain
  • Basque in Spain
  • Kurds in Southwest Asia
  • Tamils in Sri Lanka
  • Blacks in South Africa
  • Palestinians in Israel
  • Dinka in Sudan
  • Eritreans in Ethiopia
  • Serbians, Muslims and Croats in former Yugoslavia
  • Sovereignty Issues
  • Nunavut- the importance of self-government
  • Jerusalem- a holy city for Christians, Jews and Muslims
  • conflict (1991 Gulf War, Afghanistan, Iraq)
  • religious conflict
  • freedom fighters in India
  • suicide bombers
  • peacekeeping
  • influence of gangs on western culture
  • slavery


  • AIDS: a global problem
  • Anti personnel landmines
  • Arts and music impact and value on culture
  • Effect of colonialism on native people around the world
  • Condition of native people in South America
  • Human Rights in western culture
  • How television is reshaping cultures around the world
  • How Youtube is reshaping cultures around the world
  • Spread of Christianity (passive or violent)
  • Spread of Islam ( passive or violent)
  • stem cell research and ethical impact
  • Tolerance
  • Women in Today's world: roles in various societies