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Bark Lake Memories

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The Friends of Bark Lake: Ontario Camp Leadership Centre, Irondale, Ontario, Canada

Early Morning Mist on the Bark Lake

  • I had the privilege of working at Bark Lake from 1980-1984 at Leadership and Teachers' Skills courses. I have many wonderful memories of playing guitar and singing - in the dining hall, rec hall, campfires, reflection point canoeing or kayaking out on the lake early in the morning in the mist and using the breakfast bell to find my way back to the dock pre-breakfast runs out the road (sometimes all the way to the road, more often to place a stone on the Rock) stargazing at night from flagpole point or the top of the Environment Center visiting the heron rookery.
    -Terry Knight, Kitchener, Ontario(Bark Lake Staff 1980, 1982. 1983, 1984)

Synchronized Solo Canoe Demo

  • I attended the Bark Lake Skills Camp in the summer of 1967. John Shouldice (one of my Bark counsellors) lived down the street from me when a kid in Etobicoke. John attended my mother's funeral a few years ago, and we reminisced about Bark. John was telling me that the synchronized solo canoe demo by lantern-light that a few us did, was never repeated. It lives on in Bark legend!
    - Graham Jordan, Owen Sound, Ontario