A True Canadian Portage

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The Friends of Bark Lake: Ontario Camp Leadership Centre, Irondale, Ontario, Canada

A True Canadian Portage in Honour of Kirk Wipper

Friends of Kirk Wipper organized an event whereby the many friends, colleagues and former students of Kirk showed their love and respect for a "true Canadian." As well as paying tribute to Kirk they raised funds for the Kirk Wipper leadership award at the University of Toronto and the Canadian Canoe Museum which Kirk Wipper helped establish. The essence of the tribute was a relay portaging a Swift canoe from Hart House at University of Toronto to the Canadian Canoe Museum, in Peterborough in his honour. Friends of Kirk demonstrated their respect for him by taking responsibility for portaging the canoe at least 500 metres each. Portagers raised money and donated it to the "Kirk Wipper Award" at University of Toronto and the Canadian Canoe Museum.

More details can be found at www.kirkwipper.ca.

View photos from the section that David Spencer walked of the A True Canadian Portage.