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What is Outdoor Paragon?
Outdoor Paragon is free web resource portal for experiential, environmental, outdoor and recreation education hosted on David Spencer's Education Paragon. Resources include green energy sources, astronomy, birding, camping, canoeing, climbing, conservation, dogsledding, environmental issues, geocaching, hiking, indigenous plant species, kayaking, mountain biking, Nordic skiing, snowshoeing, wilderness ethics and wilderness survival. Learn about the history of the Outdoor Paragon Professional Learning Network and the now defunct Outdoor Paragon E-Newsletter. Please consider joining the 385 members of Outdoor Paragon and subscribe to the Ecosource Trailblazers Newsletter and Beyond Our Classroom. Educators are also encouraged to connect with educators using Outdoor Paragon resources on the following social networks.
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Campfire | Sing Song


The following photos are from a campfire, cookout and singsong that took place at Jack Smythe Field Centre on Tuesday June 5, 2012. The following people participated:

  1. Zamina Daniel
  2. Erin Farrow
  3. Karen Gellman
  4. Marc Hogan
  5. Jennifer Kottick
  6. Steve Mcelroy
  7. Janice Mcintyre and children
  8. Ed Nunes and children
  9. David Spencer
  10. Anthony Templer
  11. Tine Walma
  12. Cheryl Woolnough and children