AEE Circle at Six Nations of the Grand River

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  • Connect with Aboriginal elders and educators and join Native Education Association of Ontario Circle (NEAO Circle) formerly The Aboriginal and Environmental Education Circle (AEE Circle) e-newsletter. The NEAO Circle is a professional learning and sharing network of educators, teachers, college instructors, university professors, Aboriginal elders and leaders. Through e-mail, they share First Nation, Metis and Inuit and native studies resources, curriculum and teaching strategies that will help Canadian teachers integrate school curriculum with current cultural, environmental and historical contributions of our Canadian First Nations, Inuit and Metis brothers and sisters.
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  • See photos and read about past gatherings of The Aboriginal and Environmental Education Circle (AEE Circle).
  • Join the First Nation, Metis & Inuit Education Association of Ontario (FNMIEAO) the Ontario Ministry of Education recognized provincial subject association for teachers and educators of First Nation, Metis & Inuit Studies and Native Languages. From 2011 to May 2014, this subject association was previously called the Native Education Association of Ontario (NEAO). Special thanks to Marg Boyle for her three years of leadership, encouragement and support.
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Aboriginal and Environmental Education Circle (AEE Circle) Visited Six Nations of the Grand River

The Aboriginal and Environmental Education Circle (AEE Circle) traveled by coach bus on Saturday April 16, 2011 from Brampton to Brantford.


Susan Austin Zamina Daniel column C column D column E
Leslie Bethune-Webb Nadine Deerr row 1 C row 1 D row 1 E
Rukhshana Bharucha Novelette Dell row 2 C row 2 D row 2 E
Nancy Brockelbank Sharlene Dyce Campbell row 3 C row 3 D row 3 E
Nicole Brown Alicia Farmer row 4 C row 4 D row 4 E
Man Cao Nancy Gibson row 5 C row 5 D row 5 E
Mandy Carbajal Linda Glover row 6 C row 6 D row 6 E
Roxane Cauz Julie Gouin row 7 C row 7 D row 7 E
Janan Chandler Marilyn Hansen row 8 C row 8 D row 8 E
David Cooper Helen Jones row 9 C row 9 D row 9 E
Rainford Cornish Nievel Regis Kankam row 10 C row 10 D row 10 E
Julie Daley Kathryn Konnerth row 11 C row 11 D row 11 E
row 12 A row 12 B row 12 C row 12 D row 12 E
row 13 A row 13 B row 13 C row 13 D row 13 E
row 14 A row 14 B row 14 C row 14 D row 14 E
row 15 A row 15 B row 15 C row 15 D row 15 E
row 16 A row 16 B row 16 C row 16 D row 16 E
row 17 A row 17 B row 17 C row 17 D row 17 E