Warrior's Day Parade

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Warrior's Day Parade

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Since 1921, the Canadian Warrior's Day Parade event is held to celebrate freedom and honour those who have fought for it. During the tribute, which is held every year on the opening weekend of the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE, also called the EX), veterans, soldiers, and marching bands from all over the world gather in Toronto, Ontario. Dedicated warriors from past and present attend the event. Some war veterans use vehicles to move along with marchers.

"Among the onlookers were people who were there paying homage to relatives who fought in yesterday's wars.

Spencer Doyle, who's father was a soldier in World War II, said EX-goers wouldn't be able to enjoy a day on the midway if warriors hadn't stood up for Canadian values.

"The freedoms that we enjoy in this country, we would never have if it weren't for these boys going by us right now," Doyle said as the parade passed.

Others said the parade's crowd grows thinner every year as youth become more and more removed from the horrors of war.

"The young people of today don't really understand what our fathers, our grandfathers, our uncles, what they gave -- and the numbers are getting fewer and fewer," said Betty Winger.

But a young man who was one of a few at the parade after being injured while on duty in Afghanistan said the crowd's numbers showed him people support Canadian soldiers.

"It shows the support that they have for the troops overseas," Pte. Mike McTeague said.

The 2007 Warrior's Day Parade also commemorated the 90th anniversary of The Battle of Vimy Ridge, which was commemorated earlier this year.

"The major battle, which happened in France during the First World War, is considered an important part of Canadian history because the 100,000-strong Canadian Corps were able to succeed in capturing the ridge when other countries' soldiers had failed."

Veterans of war march at the CNE in Toronto on August 18, 2007. Source: Toronto.CTV.ca