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Your Unit 3: Culminating Unit is worth 15% of your semester mark. Make sure that you attend class each Wednesday, participate in our group planning sessions, gather research, label maps and type up the information you need for your student responsibility.

Destination: United Kingdom

Task: For our class simulation and role playing assignment our goal is to research and write a "Trip Plan Booklet to the UK" for a vacation trip for four (4) people that includes Ray Lewis, Will Smith, Brad Pitt and Scarlet Johansson to travel from Toronto Pearson International Airport to the United Kingdom. Destinations include England (Britain), Scotland and Northern Ireland. We will prepare a tourism booklet and record our planning and marketing efforts using work logs, written notes, video recording, audio recording, surveys and interviews. Students will keep a personal CU Work Log as a journal to record their contributions to the trip planning and tourism booklet.

Travel Dates: Monday July 5, 2011 to Monday July 19, 2011 (two weeks)