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Roy McMurtry Youth Centre

The Roy McMurtry Youth Centre is a secure custody facility that will accommodate up to 192 young people ages 12 to 17, who are being detained or serving sentences.

The new campus-style facility will have:

  • 12 sixteen-bed units – 10 for male youth and 2 for female youth
  • A secondary school for educational and vocational learning
  • A multi-faith spiritual and religious care centre.

Construction started – April 2007 Facility scheduled to open – early 2009

Infrastructure Ontario is overseeing the construction of the Roy McMurtry Youth Centre. The Ministry of Children and Youth Services will operate the facility.

The centre was named after former Chief Justice Roy McMurtry to honour his contributions to youth as a judge, in public service and in the community.

Roy McMurtry Youth Centre
205 McLaughlin Rd,
Brampton, ON Canada L6Y 2C8

phone: 416-212-5111 (project office)

Source: Ministry of Children and Youth Services: Government of Ontario

Peel District School Board to enters a partnership with Ministry of Education for new Roy McMurtry Centre

"The Brampton Youth Centre (now referred to as the Roy McMurtry Centre) was first publicly announced in May 2000 as part of an overall youth justice services plan to create a separate and dedicated youth justice facility. Initially, capacity for this detention centre was 350 youth; however, in 2004, capacity was reduced to 192. The new facility will accommodate youth in detention and/or serving secure custody sentences.

Since 1985, the education of incarcerated youth has been delivered by school boards with funding from the Ministry of Education through Section 23 agreements. Ontario currently has 80 youth justice facilities. Informal discussions between the Peel District School Board, the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Children and Youth Services began in 2001.

The Peel District School Board was invited to join the program and planning team for this project with the intent of looking ahead to the delivery of a Section 23 school program. Peel District School Board staff have particpated in monthly programming meetings over the past three years to develop a comprehensive program for youth.

Following a series of meetings, the Peel District School Board developed a proposal to establish an educational program on the facility site of the Roy McMurtry Centre. The board will now enter into a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Children and Youth Services to be the provider for the Section 23 school/programs at the Roy McMurtry Centre in Brampton and fully funded through the Ministry of Education."

Source: Peel District School Board Supplementary Meeting of the Board of Trustees Highlights of the April 8, 2008 meeting

The Peel District School Board approved the following secondary principal assignment, effective June 2, 2008:

  • Robin Bradley from principal at Brampton Centennial Secondary School to principal at the Roy McMurtry Centre.
  • Karen Wilson from vice-principal at West Credit Secondary School to vice-principal at the Roy McMurtry Centre

Source: Peel District School Board Supplementary Meeting of the Board of Trustees Highlights of the May 6, 2008 meeting

Effective January 30, 2009, the Roy McMurtry School administrative office will be located at:

Roy McMurtry School
8500 McLaughlin Road,
Brampton, ON L6Y0N6

Telephone: 905-890-1010

Map of the Roy McMurtry Youth Centre


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Who is Roy McMurtry ?


"The Honourable Roy McMurtry, former Ontario Chief Justice and Attorney General and Canadian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, is the twelfth Chancellor of York University.

Born in Toronto, Mr. McMurtry is a graduate of Osgoode Hall Law School and was called to the Ontario Bar in 1958. After practicing as a trial lawyer for 17 years, he was elected to the Ontario Legislature in 1975, where he was immediately appointed Attorney General by then-Premier William Davis. As Attorney General, Mr. McMurtry argued constitutional cases in the Supreme Court of Canada and played a key role in the negotiations leading to the patriation of the Constitution with an entrenched Charter of Rights in 1982. Mr. McMurtry left office in1985 to become Canada’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom. In 1996, he was appointed Chief Justice of Ontario after serving as the Chief of the Superior Court of Justice.

Mr. McMurtry is the founder and President of the Osgoode Society, a body established in 1979 for the writing of Canadian legal history which to date has published 70 books. In 2007, his significant contributions to the legal profession were recognized with Osgoode Hall Law School’s Award of Excellence (The Robinette Medal) and the President of the Bar Association’s Award of Merit. He also received an honorary Degree from York University in 1991. He was invested into the Order of Ontario in January 2008. "

Source: York University Secretariat Feb 28 2009