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History: Canadian History (CHC2A),(CHC2D),(CHC2P) (grade 10)

CANADIAN PREMIERE UNITED STATES 2008, 86 min • Al Green Director: David Vyorst Screening: Sunday May 11, 2:00 PM

  • Did you know that the first basket scored in the league that would later become the NBA was scored by a Jewish player and that the first game was played in Toronto? Peter Riegert narrates this exciting documentary about the early days of basketball and how it grew from a Jewish game to one that is enjoyed around the world. Many of basketball’s early stars came from the Lower East Side in New York. and other Jewish areas of the United States. Players such as Red Auerback, Ossie Schectman, and others dominated the game. Relive the heyday of Jewish basketball! first_basket.jpg
  • Genealogy Guide from the UK
  • History Books from Stackpole Books

History:Canadian History, Identity and Culture (CHI4U)

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