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What is Outdoor Paragon?

Outdoor Paragon is a volunteer group of educators,administrators and support staff based in the Peel Region of Ontario, Canada. Our group comprises of people from the public,Christian, Catholic,private school,college, and university settings. Peel Region includes the municipalities of Brampton, Caledon and Mississauga.


Membership in Outdoor Paragon is free. Members must agree with our Mission Statement.


If you are an educator located in south central Ontario, you are invited to sign up for our FREE e-newsletter here:


Outdoor Paragon expenses include the design, maintenance and hosting of our web site at <op.davidspencer.ca>, printing fliers, mailing fliers, long distance telephone calls and expenses incurred from organizing, promoting and presented educational workshops, seminars and outdoor field trips. Some of our expenses are covered through a user pay system and revenue generated from sponsors and advertisers on our web site.


Our Goals

Outdoor Paragon members strive to:

  • 1. practice and promote outdoor education, outdoor recreation and environmental education within our schools and school boards and positive wilderness and social ethics in the woods.
  • 2. organize and present educational workshops and field trip experiences that will help participants develop outdoor recreation and environmental education skills and confidence.
  • 3. promote the awareness and use of outdoor education field studies centres serving Peel region such as the Jack Smythe Field Centre, the G.W. Finlayson Field Centre and the Britannia School Woodlot.
  • 4. inform our members of professional development opportunities, certification, activities, gatherings and employment opportunities through our "OutdoorParagon_Newsletter" e-newsletter.
  • 5. post practical, hands on information, resources, photos and events on our web site at <op.davidspencer.ca>.
  • 6. encourage our members to consider joining one or more of the following organizations: The Council of Outdoor Educators of Ontario (COEO), the Ontario Society for Environmental Education (OSEE), Caledon Countryside Alliance, Federation of Ontario Naturalists, The Bruce Trail Association, Science Teachers Association of Ontario (STAO), The Canadian Network for Environmental Education and Communication (EECOM) , Sierra Club of Canada, Canadian Wildlife Federation, World Wildlife Fund, David Suzuki Foundation, GreenPeace, Ducks Unlimited, the Ontario Environment Network, Canoe Ontario, Ontario Wildwater Affiliation, Ontario Rock Climbing Association, Canadian Association of Nordic Ski Instructors and other such groups.