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(What is Erin Community Radio)
(What is Erin Community Radio)
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Erin Community Radio is a member of the [http://www.communityradiofund.org/en/about-the-fund/members Community Radio Fund of Canada Inc.] and the [http://www.ncra.ca/members/member-directory/ches-fm National Campus and Community Radio Association].
Erin Community Radio is a member of the [http://www.communityradiofund.org/en/about-the-fund/members Community Radio Fund of Canada Inc.] and the [http://www.ncra.ca/members/member-directory/ches-fm National Campus and Community Radio Association].
* CRTC Broadcasting [http://www.crtc.gc.ca/eng/archive/2010/2010-383.htm Decision CRTC 2010-383]
==History of Erin Community Radio==
==History of Erin Community Radio==

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What is Erin Community Radio

Erin Community Radio is a FM community radio serving the town of Erin,Ontario,Canada.

The station has aired on 101.5 FM and currently broadcasts on 88.1 FM. The station has rebranded numerous times including:

Erin Community Radio is a member of the Community Radio Fund of Canada Inc. and the National Campus and Community Radio Association.

History of Erin Community Radio

On January 24, 2003, Pastor Jake Birch of Erin Village Alliance Church sent an e-mail message to David Spencer requesting some advice on starting a low power radio station in Erin. David considered what he had learned about radio from his work with developing the ChristianRadio.ca Station Directory. He responded via e-mail providing information about the CRTC and Industry Canada expectations in this message. (Your Topica.com password is required to read this message).

Ontario and western New York experienced a total blackout emergency on August 14, 2003. CBC Radio One (99.1 FM in Erin) began broadcasting a live phone in show during the blackout. Callers from across Ontario phoned in to share their experiences of coping during the blackout. David Spencer was listening and also phoned in to share his experience walking through downtown Erin where convenience stores were giving away ice cream from freezers that lacked electricity. The next day, David phoned Erin Mayor Rod Finnie to mention that emergency preparedness officials could easily communicate with residents in the future if Erin had a low power FM radio station. Mayor Finnie expressed great interest in the idea and promised to mention low power FM radio at a future Town Council Meeting.

David Spencer began gathering research within the communities of Erin, Acton, Brisbane, Hillsburgh and Orton. A basic survey was conducted by phone and e-mail of residents, students, business owners and visitors. Information was gathered about radio programming interests, listening habits, potential for financial support and radio broadcasting licence application requirements of the CRTC and Industry Canada. David created the name "Erin Community Radio" and organized community meetings for those interested in the vision of establishing a community radio station with an emergency preparedness plan of action. Guest speakers were brought in and many individuals and community stakeholders were invited to the gatherings which were held on a monthly basis. David Spencer posted his research findings on this web site, on our "ErinRadioNews" Listserv.

During Phase Two, the group hired Barry Reuger a community radio consultant from Community-Media.com to share his suggestions for setting up a community low power FM radio station. We are now forming a volunteer Board of Directors and a group of Radio Station Volunteers. Clear job descriptions will be written so that all participants understand their role, responsibilities and time lines for completing their tasks. A constitution for Erin Community Radio will be written so that Members will know their rights and responsibilities.

Phase Three involved establishing a Board of Directors, Radio Station Volunteers and Members of Erin Community Radio working together to complete the following tasks:

  • Hire a radio engineer to complete an assessment of frequency,signal and broadcast terrain
  • Prepare radio broadcasting licence applications to the CRTC and Industry Canada
  • In our applications, we will request a specific FM frequency and the call letters CERN
  • Sign up memberships,fund raising, securing corporate sponsorships, and advertising
  • Secure the antennae and transmitter location
  • Secure radio station studio, office, music library and lobby space
  • Design the programming for our station
  • Build a music library in MP4 and MP3 digital format
  • Recruit volunteers
  • Build an interactive web site for our radio station
  • Communicating with the media and local governments.

The group discussed the need studio space, reception area,station manager's office and a washroom. They considered renting the vacant room between the doctor and dentist office at the Erin High School/Centre 2000 in Erin. An educational component could be developed that would allow technology, music and co-operative education students to be involved in running the radio station. Other options considered included a room in the Club 109, the office beside the Royal Bank on Main Street, or space in the Plastikbelt building Erin.

Erin Community Radio considered seeking financial support through memberships, grants from municipal, regional, provincial and federal government, and advertising sponsorship from local businesses community service clubs . Become a member today! ($20 Youth/Senior, $30 Adult) The membership fee would help cover the cost of an e-newsletter, info brochures, posters and a traveling info booth to be used to promote the station at the Erin Fall Fair and other community events.

On April 21, 2006, a local community group, Erin Community Radio (operating under licensee name "Erin Radio Board of Directors"), was granted approval by the CRTC to operate a new community radio station at 101.5 MHz in Erin. It launched in September 2006, and the official launch took place at the Erin Fall Fair on October 8, 2006.

On January 29, 2010, CHES applied to change frequency from 101.5 to 88.1 MHz, receiving CRTC approval on June 16, 2010. On April 11, 2011, CHES began a test broadcast on 88.1 FM.

On April 20, 2012, CHES rebranded from "Erin Radio" to "Main Street Radio FM 88". On November 29, 2012, CHES rebranded from "Main Street Radio" to "Mix 88.1". Their studio also moved from 106 Main Street to 8 Thompson Court in Erin.

On November 1, 2013, the CRTC approved Erin Community Radio's application to increase the average ERP of CHES-FM from 125 to 570 watts (maximum ERP increasing from 250 to 1,250 watts).

On December 11, 2013, Erin Community Radio submitted an application to operate a new FM transmitter at Orangeville, which would repeat the programming of CHES-FM as CHES-FM-1. If approved, the new transmitter will operate at 89.1 MHz with 50 watts. On January 28, 2014, Catherine Fisher and Freya Zaltz of the National Campus and Community Radio Association wrote a letter of support for the repeater.

A Reunion of Erin Community Radio Volunteers was held on Saturday September 27, 2014 at the The Busholme Inn 156 Main Street, Erin, ON, N0B 1T0. The Wellington Advertiser newspaper promoted the event to their readers.

2004 Mission Statement

Erin Community Radio is a not-for-profit organization formed to develop an alternative to commercial radio service that will be of direct interest to listeners in or near the Town of Erin. Erin Community Radio will provide the opportunity for any individual, group, or community located in the same market to create high quality, entertaining, informative and innovative local radio programming.

2004 Radio Service Proposal

The service will feature a wide range of programming including:

  • All styles of music with an emphasis on Canadian music
  • A mandate to broadcast concerts by local performers whenever possible
  • News and information of interest to the local community including weather, community announcements and interviews on issues of local concern including, but not limited to, heritage, natural resources, environment, agriculture, faith and politics.
  • Broadcasts of local council meetings and other local community meetings
  • Programs created by local community groups
  • Emergency information such as road closings, school bus cancellations and severe weather warnings
  • Programming that promotes local business, services and industries.

Erin Community Radio will also serve as a training facility for the local community in all areas of radio broadcasting including on-air performance, interviewing and programming, particularly for local young people looking for careers in the media. Erin Community Radio will strive to become the voice of the Town of Erin.

Erin Community Radio Supporters

The following local businesses supported Erin Community Radio during various stages:

Erin Community Radio Web Sites

The Erin Community Radio Team designed a number of web sites to represent their broadcasting vision.

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