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(David's Music Jam on Saturday January 2, 2016)
(David's Music Jam on Saturday January 2, 2016)
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Music jamming is fun.

David’s Music Jam is a friendly gathering of musicians and singers who meet to play and record songs. You are invited to join us for fellowship and to network with local musicians during our live music jam sessions. We are currently rehearsing and recording tracks for an album of folk, pop, reggae and rock cover tunes. David's Music Jam founder, producer and recording engineer is David Spencer.

We announce David’s Music Jam sessions on David’s Music Jam Google Group and on David’s Music Jam Facebook Page.

The web shortcut to this page is jam.davidspencer.ca

David's Music Jam on Saturday January 2, 2016

On Saturday January 2, 2016 at 3 p.m. we held our first music jam of 2016. Future music jams will be announced through our David’s Music Jam Google Group. Sign up for free by sending an e-mail to: davidsmusicjam+subscribe@googlegroups.com

In addition to David, he following musicians attended:


We played these songs:

  1. Calm Before the Storm by Bob Dylan
  2. Carrying a Torch (1991) by Van Morrison .
    Lyrics. Audio, Video with Tom Jones, Buy Song.
  3. Heart of Gold (1971) by Neil Young.
    Lyrics, Video with Lyrics, Live Concert Video, Buy Song
  4. Home to You (2009) by Po Girls.
    Lyrics. Audio, Buy Song.
  5. Good-bye Again by John Denver
  6. If I Only Had a Brain (1939) by Harold Arlen (music) and E.Y. Harburg (lyrics)
    (Lyrics). Video, Buy Song.
  7. I'm A Believer by Neil Diamond.
    Lyrics, Video of The Monkees cover version, Video of Neil Diamond in 1966, Video of Neil Diamond (slow version), Buy Song version by the Monkees.
  8. Love Potion #9 by The Clovers (1959)
    Lyrics, Video, Buy Song.
  9. Malted Milk by Robert Johnson.
    Lyrics. Audio of Robert Johnson, Video of Eric Clapton, Buy Song.
  10. Put Your Hand in the Hand by Gene MacLellan.
    Lyrics, Video performed by Ocean, Buy Song version by Ocean.
  11. She Belongs to Me by Bob Dylan.
    Lyrics, Audio, Buy Song.
  12. Tequila Sunrise by Don Henley and Glenn Frey for The Eagles.
    Lyrics, Audio, Buy Song.

To learn about the next David's Music Jam, contact David or sign up for our free e-newsletter. Just send an e-mail to: davidsmusicjam+subscribe@googlegroups.com

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