Culminating Unit for Travel and Tourism:A Regional Geographic Perspective (CGG3O) with David

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Travel and Tourism:A Regional Geographic Perspective (CGG3O) with David

Unit 3: Culminating Unit

New February 2009 Culminating Unit Your Unit 3: Culminating Unit is worth 15% of your semester mark.

Destination: United Kingdom

Task: As a class our goal is to research and write a "Trip Plan Booklet to the UK" for a vacation trip for six (6) people that includes Channing Tatum, his grandmother, Alex, Sandrine, Lovepreet and Amad to travel from Toronto Pearson International Airport to the United Kingdom. Destinations include England (Britain), Scotland and Northern Ireland. We will prepare a tourism booklet and record our planning and marketing efforts using work logs, written notes, video recording, audio recording, surveys and interviews. Students will keep a personal work log as a journal to record their contributions to the trip planning and tourism booklet.

Travel Dates: Monday June 5, 2010 to Monday June 19, 2010 (two weeks)

Student Responsibilities

Students must select at least two (2) of the following group responsibilities:

  • Travel Company President (Alex)
  • editor of our tourism booklet (Sandrine and ???)
  • budget and banking supervisor (Kim and Amad)
  • transportation coordinator (Alex & David)
  • meals and nutrition coordinator (Jacquie and Sandrine)
  • accommodation coordinator (Gurpreet and Kelsey)
  • England Events coordinator (Kim and Tung)
  • Scotland Events coordinator (Amy and Kelsey)
  • Northern Ireland Events Ireland coordinator (David)
  • Trip Communications, Marketing and Reflection coordinator (Sandrine and Jacquie)

Job Descriptions
Students must type up two (2) job desciptions describing the role and responsibility they will take on during the planning, research and production of the tourism booklet for the United Kingdom.

With the budget of $10 000, students must work as a team to decide how the money made from the production of the "Trip Plan Booklet to the UK" is going to be spent. The booklet will cost $200 to print and photocopy in colour. Students listed below participated in our group planning meetings, researched and produced information we used to assemble our "Trip Plan Booklet to the UK".

  • Alex- $5000
  • Amad- $1000
  • Amy- $2500
  • Gurpreet $1000
  • Jacquie- $1000
  • Kelsey- $1000
  • Sandrine- $1000


During the planning process, the accommodation coordinator must include a variety of places to stay and sleep overnight (accommodations) while travelling in the United Kingdom. Accomodations should include most of the following:

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Events During Our Trip to the UK

Transportation For Our Trip to the UK

During the planning process, the transportation coordinator must include a variety of methods of transportation and experiences. Transpotation logistics should include most of the following:

  • aircraft
  • automobile
  • boat or ship
  • bus
  • cycling
  • motorcycle
  • taxi
  • train
  • walking



  1. Start in Toronto. Fly from Pearson International Airport.
  2. London. Land at Heathrow Airport.
  3. Bath
  4. Stonehenge
  5. Stratford
  6. The Lake District (We need to find some twons to visit)
  7. Hadrian's Wall

Transportation Booking Services

Transportation Hubs

  • Paddington Station, London

Date and Time Zone Calculators

  • Use the Calendar calculator to find the exact dates of your trip
  • Use the Time Zones calculator to find the time zone difference between Canada and the United Kingdom.

Accommodation Booking Services