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    <embeddedin eicontinue="10|Stub|1540" />
      <ei pageid="1305" ns="0" title="Six String Nation" />
      <ei pageid="1319" ns="0" title="Research Resources" />
      <ei pageid="1436" ns="0" title="Template for a Page" />
      <ei pageid="1446" ns="0" title="Travel and Tourism:A Regional Geographic Perspective (CGG3O)" />
      <ei pageid="1466" ns="0" title="Victoria, British Columbia" />
      <ei pageid="1469" ns="0" title="Using Numbers in A Sentence" />
      <ei pageid="1487" ns="0" title="This Land is Your Land (Canadian Lyrics by The Travellers )" />
      <ei pageid="1493" ns="0" title="40 Hours of Community Service" />
      <ei pageid="1509" ns="0" title="Communication Skills" />
      <ei pageid="1523" ns="0" title="Slang from the 1920&#039;s" />