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    <allpages apcontinue="Bark_Lake_Memories" />
      <p pageid="2487" ns="0" title="Back to the Future" />
      <p pageid="2016" ns="0" title="Balfour Report" />
      <p pageid="1748" ns="0" title="Bank Machine" />
      <p pageid="1852" ns="0" title="Bank Routing Number" />
      <p pageid="1889" ns="0" title="Bank of Canada Glossary" />
      <p pageid="1410" ns="0" title="Barack Obama" />
      <p pageid="3175" ns="0" title="Barbecue" />
      <p pageid="1779" ns="0" title="Bark Lake" />
      <p pageid="2995" ns="0" title="Bark Lake 1970s" />
      <p pageid="2017" ns="0" title="Bark Lake Fonds at Trent University" />