Travel and Tourism
with Mr. Spencer

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Final Summative Assessment Outline

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Final Summative Assessment Outline
Your exam is 1 hour long. It contains the following sections:

Part A: Multiple Choice
Part B: Terms and Significance
Part C: Short Answer
Part D: Long Answer

Final Summative Assessment Review
In order to prepare and study for the Final Summative Assessment, you should review the following:

Terms: Define each term and explain the significance to the study of travel and tourism.

adventure tourism
adventure travel
birth rate
business travellers
Central Standard Time
Classification of Travellers chart
covering letter
components of the the tourist industry chart
coral reef importance
Covering Letter
crime rate
cultural region
currency convertor
death rate
demographic characteristics
demographic region
direct tourist spending
discretionary money
domestic tourist
Earth Day
Eastern Standard Time
Ebola virus
ecological footprint
embedded citation
first class section
food products grown in the Caribbean
functional region
graphic organizer
Great Barrier Reef
Gilbert (hurricane)
homogeneous region
honeymoon project
Hurricane Gilbert
indentured labourers
Independent Travellers

International Date Line
CU log
jet lag
Job Shadowing
land area
large-scale maps
1:50 000
MLA Style Guide (green bibliography package)
Mountain Standard Time
multifactor regions
Newfoundland Standard Time
Pacific Standard Time
Planned Travellers
population density
Prime Meridian
Reluctant Travellers
single-factor regions
Sir Sanford Flemming
small-scale maps
sustainable tourism
Sydney Morning Herald
Sydney Opera House
temperature range
time zones
tourist destinations for Canadians
travel barriers
travel motivators
travel variables
turnaround times
West Nile Virus
wildlife corridor
wilderness tourism
yellow fever





Understand the Attractions, Issues and Problems

1. Travel and Tourism Industry
3. Caribbean
4. Reducing child-sex tourism
5. poaching
6. ecotourism
7. child-sex tourism
8. crime against tourists
9. effects of war and terrorism on travel and tourism
10. Why should a traveller be cautious when travelling in certain countries?



1. Passport Applications- where do you pick one up? How do you apply? How much does it cost? How do you acquire a guarantor?
2. Describe the components of a five paragraph essay used for your Culminating Unit.
3. Describe the skills required to plan a honeymoon.
4. How could you gain experience for a career in travel and tourism?
5. Why are e-mail and Internet skills important in the Travel and Tourism industry? Explain.
6. Why should students not plagiarize work from their peers or from the Internet? Explain.


Course Material

1. Describe what you learned from doing the Culminating Unit. What is your Culminating Unit  thesis?
2. If you were a government official, which travel or tourism issue would you focus time and money to help reduce or solve this issue? How would you do this? Explain.
3. How will your "Honeymoon" project help you for the future? Explain.
4. How do governments use the media to their advantage?
5. As an employee of a large company, how would you reduce your impact on the environment?
6. What is the greatest advantage in using regions to study the world?
7. List seven (7) factors to help explain why world citizens are spending more money on tourism?
9. Look through your answers to the "Discovering Your Tourism IQ" . If you don't have the correct answers, check the back of my classroom door at school.
10. Review the aboriginal history of of Australia
11. Why are there climate differences in the northern and southern regions of Australia?
12. Describe the problems caused by seasonal jobs in the Caribbean.
13. Describe what is required in a resume and covering letter.
14. Describe three different careers that relate to travel and tourism.
15. Why is it important to learn how to label the countries on a world map? Provide three reasons.
16. Why should backpackers who are traveling around the world budget their money? Explain.
17. How has technology affected the tourism industry? (ABM machines,cell phones,computers,Internet,pagers,television)
18. Where would you like to travel in the world? Explain how you will plan and prepare for this trip.
19. How did the August 2003 blackout affect tourism?
20. Where would you find the
history of passports in Canada?
21. Why should a traveller be cautious when travelling in certain countries?
22. List the six (6) characteristics of the travel and tourism industry.
23. What are direct payments?
24. How does Prime Minister Can Eat All Night help you?
25. How do threats of terrorism affect the travel industry?
26. List things a tourist can do to avoid becoming a victim of crime.
27. Why is Tourism especially important in the developing world?
28. How does the tourism industry benefit from travel a package?

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