Travel and Tourism
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Topics for CU: Culminating Unit for Travel and Tourism Class

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Aboriginal Tourism (Natives)

Adventure Travel

Advertising and Promotion of Tourism

All-inclusive Vacations

Anthropological Tourism

Art Galleries

Backpacking through Europe

Business travel Tips

Careers in Tourism

Caribbean cruise packages

Civil War- The effects on Tourism

Climate and Tourism

Conservation Areas Should be Protected

Crime and Tourism - Child Sex Tourism

Crime and Tourism - Gang Violence and Tourism

Crime and Tourism - Prostitution

Crime and Tourism - Tourists as Targets of Criminal Activity

Cruise Ship Accidents

Cruise Ships Tour Monopolies

Cultural Conflict in Egypt

Cultural Conflict in Northern Ireland

Culture-based Tourism

Destinations- India, Australia, Egypt

Economic Dependence on Tourism

Economic impact of tourism


Educational Courses in Travel and Tourism

Educational Vacations

Endangered Spaces and Tourism

Endangered Species and Tourism

Factors that influence traveller's destination choices.

Fear Factor Tourism

Financial Investment in Tourism

Gambling Tourism

Geography and Culture

GIS in Travel and Tourism

global hostpots

Government Control of Tourism


Hygiene- How to keep clean on a vacation


Honeymoon Vacations and Destinations

Hotel Industry

How to pack for a backpacking vacation

How to be a safe tourist

Interconnections between travel and tourism industry (accommodations, attractions, transportation, services)

Keeping a traveller's diairy

Job Skill Training in the Travel and Tourism Industry

Marketing Tourism

Medical Services and Travel


Music Tourism- The Country Music Awards

Music Tourism- The East Coast Music Awards

Music Tourism- The Grammy Awards

Music Tourism- The Juno Awards

Music and Travel

Mysteries-Loch Ness Monster & Tourism

Mysteries- Sasquatch and Bigfoot

The Multiplier (Ripple) Effect and Jobs

National Parks

Natural Preserves

Niagara Escarpment Plan

Online Vacation Planning- What are the best ticket ordering web sites

Outdoor recreation

Outward Bound programs

Overpopulation and Tourism

Planning Considerations for a Ski Resort

Planning a Vacation Using the Internet

Poaching In Kenya

Protecting Costa Rica

Protecting Madagascar

Protecting Nature

Protecting the Serengeti

Regions- how natural features are used to define regions

Religious Travel - Israel

Religious Travel - Mecca

Riots and their Effect on Tourism

Sex Trade and Tourism

Single-event tourism

Smog and Tourism

Sporting Events and Tourism- The Commonwealth Games

Sporting Events and Tourism- Football

Sporting Events and Tourism- Hockey

Sporting Events and Tourism- Olympic Games

Sporting Events and Tourism- Soccer

Staying in Hostels on a Vacation

Sustainable Tourism

Terrorism and Tourism

The Grand Canyon

Theme Parks and Tourism

Tourism Increases Immigration

Tourism in the 1950's

Tourism in the 1960's

Tourism in the 1970's

Tourism in the 1980's

Transportation -Railroad Industry

Transportation-Aircraft Developments

Transportation-Aircraft Safety

Transportation-Automobile Associations (CAA)

Transportation-Automobile Safety

Transportation-Car Rental Industry

Transportation- Eurorail Pass Touring

Transportation-International Airports

Transportation-Motorcycle Touring

Transportation- R.V. Recreational Vehicles

Travel Guide Books- How to Use them

Travel Guide Videos- Which are the best?

Travel Hubs

Travel Locations- New York, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Houston)

Travel and Tourism for Older Populations

Travel Related Diseases

Urbanism and Tourism

Virtual Reality Vacations-computers

War and Tourism

Weather Prediction in the Travel and Tourism Industry

Wilderness Camping Vacations

Whale Watching

Work Camp Vacations

World Biosphere Reserves

World heritage SItes

World Music

Zoo- African Lion Safari

Zoo- San Diego

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