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Refer to your textbook Clark, Bruce and John Wallace. Global Connections: Canadian and World Issues. Prentice Hall, Toronto 2003 ISBN: 0-13-041067-5. Answer all questions in complete sentences and include part of the question in each of your answers

  Unit #9

   Topic: Women and the United Nations

1. Make jot notes and hand in for the following video. If you were absent the day the video was shown, you can sign out the videos from the Brampton Public Library.

"Evening the Odds: The Story of the Girl Child", World Vision Canada, 1996 (Lib Cat: 305.4 Eve) (Lib Code: 34567007249350)

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What Can Be Done?
For the following questions, log onto the web here <>

2. What can be done to help women and children? There are a number of NGO's that help. Visit the World Vision Canada web site and make summary notes about what they are doing to protect women and children through:

a) Creating an Enabling Environment for the Advancement of Women and Girls (PDF)
Name four movies that will better help you understand global issues
International Programs
Take the The HIV and AIDS Quiz
30 Hour Famine

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Letter to the Editor
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The video we watched explained more about developing countries and their traditions for arranged marriages, prostitution and female circumcision that is forced on many young girls.

Letters to the editor are one of the best (and easiest) ways to get an unfiltered message about a particular issue out to the community. They are generally brief, to the point, and in response to a previously written article, or other public event. One of the reasons that they are so effective is the fact that after the front page and the comics page, more people read the editorial page than any other section of the paper (even Sports!) Furthermore, letters to the editor carry a certain credibility because they come from average citizens, and the public does not view them with the same bias with which they view the rest of the paper. When writing a letter to the editor, be short and to the point. Your letter should not exceed 200 words (two paragraphs) and should be sent within two weeks of the article or event. Support your facts. If the topic you address is controversial, consider sending documentation along with your letter. But don't overload the editors with too much info. You can usually find the address to send your letter to the editor on the editorial page of the paper.

Refer to one of the following web sites to gain ideas on how to write an effective letter to the Editor of a Newspaper.




3. Write a letter about your concerns with how female children are treated in a number of developing countries. Include your return address and phone number. Write your letter to one of the following newspapers. Find their mailing addresses on the web from the links below.

Editor of Toronto Star
Editor of Brampton Guardian
Editor of the Washington Post
Editor of the Bangkok Post Newspaper
Editor of the Manila Bulletin
Editor of the Manila Times

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Issues Facing Women
Refer to your textbook Clark, Bruce and John Wallace. Global Connections: Canadian and World Issues. Prentice Hall, Toronto 2003 ISBN: 0-13-041067-5. Please type or write your answers in in complete sentences. Include part of the question in each of your answers.

4. (page 83) China developed a "one-child policy" in the 1970's. Outline the three (3) serious problems that are tied to China's population control policies.

5. (page 444) Define the term "birth dearth".

6. (page 102) How has the role of women and their attitudes changed in society?

7. (page 102) Why is the birth dearth occurring? Explain.

8. (page 408) Why did so many countries have to make promises during the 1995 United Nations World Conference on Women? Explain.

9. (page 408) Outline the obstacles to political participation that women face.

10. (page 409)

a) Summarize the suggestions made by the UN in 1995 to increase the number of women in government.
b) In your opinion, how could schools and governments increase the number of women in government?

11. (page 411) During war and conflict describe some of the suffering women go through.

12. (page 411) What did the Geneva Convention of 1949 fail to do?

13. (page 411) What was condemned during a conference in 1993?

UN emblem

The United Nations
14. (page 379) Why might some countries not cooperate with the UN?

15. (page 379) Describe the date and setting for the creation of the UN.

16. (page 379)
a) What are sanctions?
b) List the three types of sanctions that the UN may use against a country.

17. (page 379) What is the most powerful body of the UN? Why? Examine the chart of United Nations System from here: <>

18. (page 379) List the countries that are the five permanent members of the UN Security Council.

Log onto the Internet at this page <>. Click on the links below for the answers.

19. Visit the UN web site here. List the main bodies of the UN.

20. What is this document? Why is this document significant to everyone? Explain.

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