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   Unit # 10

   Topic: Five Year Letter

You have some personal goals that you would like to accomplish. You have plans of how you will accomplish these goals. This assignment will provide you with the opportunity to clearly express your goals and your strategies for accomplishing them. Five years from now, your teacher will mail your letter back to you. At that time you can reflect and see if you have accomplished your goals.

The Task
Write a letter to yourself. Your may hand write or type. Include the following:

1. Today's date and your return address.

2. Describe two things that were beneficial from your secondary school experience.

3. List the music you are listening to,the television programs you are watching lately and the books and magazines you are reading.

4. Name your best friend at this time.

5. Approximately how much money have you saved in the bank right now?

6. How much money do you plan to have saved in the bank in the year 2009?

7. Describe your strategy for saving money over the next five years.

8. Describe a bad habit you have right now that you wish to conquer.

9. Outline your strategy for overcoming this bad habit.

10. List three of your academic goals.

11. Name the University or College you are planning to attend.

12. Describe the courses or programs you are planning to take.

13. List three of your personal goals. (i.e.) a skill you want to learn, travel plans,marriage goals,career plans, a language you wish to learn, financial goals, helping others, etc.)

14. How do you plan to reduce your impact on the environment in the coming years?

15. How will you positively influence the political system in the area where you plan to live?

16. How will you help those less fortunate than you?

17. Provide additional comments that you feel are appropriate.

Hand in the following

A. Your letter. (15 marks)

B. A self addressed envelope with your postal code. Your parent/guardian is probably the best address to use. Use the Canada Post guidelines shown below. (5 marks)

Letter addressing

C. with two (2) stamps affixed to the top right hand corner of the envelope. (5 marks)


Evaluation ___/25 Application marks

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