Canadian and World Issues
with David Spencer

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   Unit # 1

   Topic: Introduction to Canadian and World Issues


Part A: Introductions, Your Goals, Classroom Logistics, Expectations, Course Outline

Part B:

a) Fill out and hand in the Student Entrance Interview. Application = ___/ 10 marks
b) Answer the
General Knowledge Survey. Thinking = ___/ 5 marks
c) Class activity- mind map charts.

Part C: From the blackboard, copy down the mind map charts as listed below. Please copy these charts in the mind map format. Hand in for Communication = ___/ 15 marks

What are local issues?
What are national issues?
What are Canadian and world issues?

Part D: Homework due for next class.

Newspaper Article
1. a) Find a newspaper article, magazine article or web based news story that relates to a world issue. Cut out or print the article.
b) Write down the media source (newspaper/magazine name), date and page number.
c) Write a brief summary of the issue and describe the parties involved.
d) Using your general knowledge, suggest one solution that you think would help improve the situation or solve the issue.

Communication = ___/ 10 marks

Maps of the World
2. On the maps of the world provided, use an atlas and the list of countries listed on pages 160 and 161 of your school agenda book to label every country in the world. Print the name of each country using UPPER CASE lettering. For very small sized countries use an arrow to point to the country.

Communication = ___/ 50 marks

Essay Writing
3. Write a five paragraph essay. Your essay should include a rough copy, introduction, thesis, body (3 arguments-3 paragraphs) and a conclusion. Write or type your essay double spaced. Your essay must answer the following question from your perspective using your general knowledge.

Application = ___/ 20 marks

How could you and others use the Internet and cell phones to help hungry and homeless children in the world? Explain and provide three (3) strategies and supporting information for each reason.

Place your thesis sentence in the last sentence of your introductory paragraph and the first sentence of your conclusion paragraph.


Definitions of Canadian and World Issues Terms
4. Find this lesson by logging onto the web here <>
Use a dictionary,glossary and the online dictionaries below to:
a) Define each of the following geography terms.
b) Create a sentence using the term correctly.

Wikipedia Geography Page <>
Merriam- Webster Dictionary <>
Cambridge Dictionary < >
US Geological Survey Geologic Glossary <>
US Geological Survey Glossary <>
Geoexplorer Dictionary <>
Okanagan University College Glossary <>

World Issues Terms

a) amnesty

e) demographics

i) infrastructure

b) bias

f) desertification

j) poverty

c) biosphere

g) geopolitics

k) sustainable development

d) ceasefire

h) global warming

l) transnational corporation

Communication = ___/ 24 marks


E-mail Assignment
5. Academic honesty and avoiding plagiarism our expectations at our school. Refer to your student planner or agenda book and visit this web page. <>. Make jot notes about the evils of plagiarism.
Send David Spenceran e-mail message in the following format. You may "cut and paste" from this web page if you wish.

From: "You" (your e-mail program will add this address)
Topic: Canadian and World Issues e-mail Assignment

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Dear Mr. Spencer:

Subject: Canadian and World Issues e-mail Assignment

1. Five things I have noticed about countries, government,politics or the environment are...


2. Something interesting about me is...(interest,hobby,travel,skill).

3. Define the term plagiarism by referring to page 10 in your student agenda book.

4. As a student, I should not plagiarise other student's work, information or essays from the Internet for the following three (3) reasons:

Yours truly,

First Name Last Name

Communication = ___/ 15 marks

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