Canadian and World Issues
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Refer to your textbook Clark, Bruce and John Wallace. Global Connections: Canadian and World Issues. Prentice Hall, Toronto 2003 ISBN: 0-13-041067-5. Answer all questions in complete sentences and include part of the question in each of your answers.

   Unit # 7

   Topic: The Politics of Hunger

In class, make jot notes on the following videos "Refuse to Do Nothing: 30 Hour Famine" (2003) and
"No More Hunger" (1998), World Vision, Mississauga, Hand in. Our guest speaker from World Vision will tell us more about the
World Vision 30 Hour Famine campaign < >.

 ___/10 Communication marks

Log onto the web here:

Live 8
Visit <> and < > and

1. When, where and why did Live 8 event take place?

2. Name three (3) actors, artists or bands you are familiar with that performed at Live 8. Look here.

3. Describe the location and setting for the Canadian Live 8 concert.

4. Name three (3) actors, artists or bands you are familiar with that performed at the Canadian Live 8. Look here.

Live 8

Make Poverty History
Visit < >

5. What is Make Poverty History ?

6. How has Make Poverty History mobilized Canadians? Explain.

7. In 14 words list the headings for goals of the organizers. Look here.

8. In a few sentences, describe one thing you and your friends could do to make poverty history. Look here.

Textbook Questions
9. (page 147) Describe two projects
Bob Geldof undertook to help starving people in Ethiopia.

Terms (page 147) Define the following terms:
10. famine-

11. starvation-

12. malnutrition-

13. undernutrition-

14. (page 148) Explain how chronic persistent hunger kills indirectly.

Hand in. ___/25 Thinking and Inquiry marks

Hunger Handout Sheets
Refer to the World Hunger Handout Sheets given out in class. Create twenty (20) questions with answers about the important information. Make sure that you have at least two (2) questions from each of the handout pages. Number your questions from 1 to 20 for Q and A as shown below:

1. Q
1. A
2. Q
2. A

Hand in. ___/20 Application marks




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