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Refer to your textbook Clark, Bruce and John Wallace. Global Connections: Canadian and World Issues. Prentice Hall, Toronto 2003 ISBN: 0-13-041067-5

   Unit # 8

   Topic: Fear- Terrorism, Genocide, Massacres, and Disease

Marking Scheme

Video jot notes

marks ___/15 Communication

Group Work

marks___/10 Application

Community Fears Charts copied into your notebook

marks___/15 Application

Questions 3 to 38

marks ____/45 Application

Video: Examining Terrorism
Make point form notes during class as we watch one or more of the following videos. Note evidence of bias, and the facts that the video producers may twist or leave out.

  • "Terrorism: The Fifth Estate", produced by CBC Television December 1, 2004
  • "Bioterror" from NOVA , WGBH Boston Video, directed by Kirk Wolfinger, 2002 (ISBN: 1-57807-866-0)
    Based on the book "Germs : biological weapons and America's secret war" by Judith Miller, Stephen Engelberg and William Broad.
  • "Terrorists Among Us - Jihad in America" produced by SAE Productions, Ventura Distribution, In., Actors: Steve Emerson, 2001


If you were absent the day we saw the video(s), you may book a time with David Spencer to view it during his tutorial period or at another time previously arranged. Hand in your point form notes for each video along with this Unit.

For the following questions:
a) see David Spencer for a print out of the information from the web links
b) log onto the Internet here and click on the links below.

Community Fears: Class Mind Maps and Discussion
1. During today's class debate and discussion, we will do a group work exercise using mind maps to discover some fears held by specific communities.
Instructions: Select a community from the list below and form a group with your peers. In your small group select a recorder to list the names of your group members on the bottom right hand corner of your chart paper. Create a mind map showing at least six (6) things the people in this community might fear. You may do some very brief research from your textbook and the Internet. Provide some reasons and background for each fear. Give your mind map a title called "Community Fears of 'community chosen' ". Tape your chart paper to the red podium while your group presents. With your group, plan a 30 second oral and visual presentation so that all members of your group participate. We are planning to videotape your presentation and show it to you during a future class.

Communities to choose from


London, England

(7 July 2005 London bombings also called 7/7 bombings)

New Orleans, USA

New York

Muslim Community (after 911, cartoons)

Women in Cities

(Take Back the Night)



Sumatra, Indonesia

Terrorist attacks on Canada

October Crisis (October 1970)

Tibet, Nepal and China
(re: pro-Tibet protesters and the Olympic torch run)


2. In your notebook, copy the mind maps from your group and each of the other groups. Add significant points made during the group presentations and class discussion. 

Terrorism- Textbook Reading
3. (page 368) Summarize the four (4) objectives of terrorism.

4. (page 368) What is state-sponsored terrorism? Provide an example.

5. (page 369) Summarize the three (3) motivations for terrorism.

6. (page 371) What role does the media play in terrorism?

7. (page 372) What are weapons of mass destruction?

8. (page 372) Summarize the chemical terrorist attack in Tokyo in 1995.

9. (page 372) Summarize the chemical terrorist attack involving anthrax in the U.S.A.

10. (page 372) Outline the concerns about smallpox and the former Soviet Union.

11. (page 372-273) Which terrorist groups have attempted to buy nuclear devices.

12. (page 373) Summarize how terrorists might use atomic bombs for terror.

13. (page 373) Summarize how terrorists might use a nuclear power plant for terror.

14. (page 373) Summarize the process of counterterrorism.

15. (page 374) Which countries make up the "axis of evil".

Terrorism- Research
For the following questions:
a) see David Spencer for a print out of the information from the web links
b) log onto the Internet here and click on the links below.

16. < >
Briefly define the recent use of the term "War on Terrorism".

17. <>
Select and copy down three (3) of the many objectives in the War on Terrorism. See "Stated U.S objectives and strategies"

18. If you were the American President, which objective in the War on Terrorism would you tackle first. Why? Explain.

19 <>
Briefly summarize the London, England Train bombings of 7 July 2005 and it's affect on London's
economy. and public transit in Canada, United States, France, and Germany.

20. <>
Describe what happened in London, England in 1945 and 1952 that the 7 July 2005 bombings were compared to.

21. < >
What is Al-Qaeda and when was it founded?

22. Describe one of Al-Qaeda's objectives.

23. How many organizations have labelled Al-Qaeda a terrorist organization?

24. Describe Al-Qaeda's characteristic terror techniques.

25. <>
What does the acronym CSIS mean and what role does CSIS play?

26. How is CSIS guided?

27. Examine the priority of CSIS in terms of terrorism. <>
In your opinion, describe three (3) things that should be done to reduce and prevent terrorism.

Genocide and Massacres- Research
28. <>
Define the term genocide. and provide the name of the 1948 convention document.

29. Briefly describe the Rwandan Genocide. <>

30. Whos is Roméo Dallaire and what did he try to do in Rwanda? <>

31. <>
Select two (2) massacres and briefly describe when, who, where and provide a description of each massacre.

32. In you opinion, describe three (3) things that should be done to reduce and prevent genocide and massacres around the world.

Disease- Research
33. Copy down the following definition:
A pandemic is an epidemic of infectious disease that spreads through human populations across a large region (for example a continent), or even worldwide. SARS was almost a pandemic.

34. < >
What is SARS?

35. <>
When and where did the SARS outbreak originate?

36. What was the response of the Chinese government officials when they first learned of the SARS outbreak?

37. < >
How did the outbreak of SARS affect Canada?

38. In you opinion, describe three (3) things that should be done to reduce and prevent the spread of disease.


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